Wooden Floors

Finding the perfect natural edge timber slab for your home!

Natural Edged Tan;e from West Coast TimbersYour home is your solace from the stresses of the outside world. That is why, it’s not a surprise to know that most of us are making an effort to decorate our home  – whether it’s a good piece of décor you bought from a local store or a custom made furniture.

Wooden furniture makes the best decoration!

A one off piece like  furniture made from  a natural edged timber slab speaks volumes about the class and character of your home. Unique individually crafted pieces of wooden furniture makes such a positive statement on your home’s décor.  They make your home look more natural and elegant. Nothing beats wooden furniture for warmth, charm and style.

Do you want natural edge timber slabs?

They make the most exquisitely beautiful and individual furniture piece that can be crafted to suit any style of home from miminalist modern to old world heritage charm. Wooden furniture is awesome to look at and make your home fabulous

With wooden furniture, you cannot ask for more!

Natural edge timber slabs – furniture of your dreams

Timber slabs are perfect for large statement furniture like bench tops, counter tops, dining tables, sideboards or entertaining units. There are companies that offers natural edge timber slabs that will look perfect for your home! When looking, you just have to be careful and educate yourself about how to find a good timber slabs.

The perfect furniture is out there, you just have to be resourceful and exert some effort to find what you are looking for. Sometimes, the perfect natural edge timber slabs are just what you are looking for in order to make your home perfect.

But wait, where can you buy real wood furniture?

Consider choosing West Coast Timbers! Buy direct from the mill and cut out the middle man.

If you want a slab that has been kiln dried and matches your taste, you have come at the right place! Here at West Coast Timbers, we offer a variety of timber species including Blackbutt, Tuart, Peppermint and Paperbark to name a few. We custom make furniture to suit your needs and if you like you can even pick the exact slab your new table or furniture piece will be made from.

Finding the perfect natural edge timber slab  for your home!

West Coast Timbers can meet your timber needs – anytime, every time! Call us today for a free inspection of our current stocks and to discuss how to make your dream piece of furniture a  reality.


Caring for wooden floors

Hard wearing, durable wooden flooringYour wooden floors are your home’s best asset. Caring for them is very important to maintain its beauty and elegance. Here are tips on how to care for your wooden floors:

Wooden floors need proper maintenance and caring. Remember, prevention is better than cure so here are the things that can harm your wooden flooring:


Sunlight that directly hits your wooden floor can cause it to develop gaps, fade or just dry out. Extreme sun exposure can affect the performance of your floor’s elegant finish. Window blinds or dark shaded curtains can prevent this from happening. It blocks the sun’s direct light from entering your house therefore reducing its damage to your wooden floors. Using blinds and curtains can also enhance the visual appeal of your house.


Sand is another thing that could cause harm to your wooden floors without you knowing it. This is due to sand particles which are brought inside on your  footwear; they became like sandpaper which can cause unwanted scratches and marks on your wooden floors. To keep this from happening, the best thing to do is to have a mat outside your door, this will filter out sand particles and prevent it from entering your house.

You can also choose to ask people to remove their shoes upon entering your house. Floor mats in entry areas of your home so that they filter the sand and dirt. This will avoid them from damaging your lovely wooden floors. When you see sand on the floor it is best to sweep it up as soon as you can to avoid it being transferred through your home.

When prevention is properly implemented, maintenance will then be easy. Basic yet regular sweeping, cleaning, vacuuming and mopping will definitely keep your floor in best condition. Spot mopping  needs be done immediately when liquid spillage happen. When spill occur, mop them up immediately to prevent staining your wooden floors. If you already have a stain on your floor, you can contact West Cost Timbers, a specialist in wooden floors, to get professional advice with your particular need. Always check your vacuum cleaners brushes. Check if it is already worn out, replace it instantly as it well scratch your floor.

Damp mopping and dry mopping are two different techniques of cleaning your wooden floor. Damp mopping should be done with proper knowledge of your floors condition, always see to it that the finish is still intact to avoid damaging your wooden floor. When performing damp mopping, you should wet the mop first then wring it out properly before damp mopping. Keep in mind to avoid using abrasive cleaners or detergents when damp mopping as they are proven harsh to your wooden floor.

Dry mopping on the other hand can be done without you having to worry about damaging your wooden floor.

For all your tips on how to care for your wooden floors contact West Coast Timbers, your local floor specialist. We offer a wide range of wooden flooring solution to suit best to your need. Call us now to discuss your requirements.


How durable is timber flooring?

Gorgeous Solid Wood Floorboards - MarriWant a classic look for your home? For that beauty that will last a lifetime, you can’t walk past the natural beauty of timber flooring.

Here are some reasons to choose timber flooring:

  • Easy to install
  • Versatile
  • Low maintenance

Timber flooring is extremely durable, which makes this type of flooring last for generations when properly taken care of.

Durability of timber flooring

Solid timber flooring isn’t just a beautiful addition that completes the look of your home no matter what style you have, it is much more. Did you know that timber flooring, once installed will last a lifetime? That’s how durable timber flooring is. Even a floor that has been mistreated in the past can be sanded and refinished to give it a second lease of life and many more years of service.

You get what you pay for with and unlike other types of flooring, like vinyl and carpet; you will never have to replace your solid wood floors. Would you rather choose to keep on replacing your floor again and again, which can cost you more or settle with a timber flooring that can last throughout the entire generation of your family? The choice is yours. For practical purposes, timber flooring is a great flooring option, especially for allergy sufferers as dust and dirt doesn’t get trapped in your floor.

Australian hardwood floors

When choosing timber flooring, Australian hardwood floors are a great option. They are known to withstand the harsh climate of the area where they were originally grown. A popular choice for architects and interior designers is the Jarrah when aesthetic and versatility is concerned, Marri for lovely colours and Blackbutt. With the many choices of Australian hardwood floors, you can be sure to find something that will suit your taste.

Timber flooring has been around for hundreds of years, which means one thing – they have withstood the test of time. Plus, combined with the technology today, they become more durable and hard wearing.

Looking for the right timber flooring? West Coast Timbers can help you with that. We process our own timbers at our mill and we have a large collection of timbers like Jarrah, Blackbutt, Marri and so much more. Ring us now to arrange an inspection of our current timbers today. Buy direct from the mill and save.


Are you looking for floorboards in Bunbury?

Marri_Floor_BoardsTimber floor brilliant, you’ve decided to choose floorboards for your home. Good.

Wood flooring is great:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Flexible
  • Perfect for your health

Floorboards are naturally hard wearing and when properly maintain can last for many years. Wanting only the best for your home, nothing beats the qualities of solid wood floorboards. Wood floors offer a stylish and elegant look on your home.

Wood is a perfect fit for your home.

Are you worried about your design inside your home? Don’t be. Surprisingly, solid wooden floorboards can be very flexible. They look good on both contemporary and traditional interior design; modern, minimalist or heritage to country, any style. You can be sure that your home will look at its best all the time!

Floorboards are cool in summer and warm during winter, no freezing feet first thing in the morning. Wood doesn’t trap heat, so no radiant heat in the hot weather. Your floorboards will make a comfortable atmosphere for you, staying cool on even the hottest days.

No doubt, solid wood floorboards are the right fit for you when it comes to comfortability, beauty and functionality.

Where to look for floorboards?

Now, the problem is, where to look for floorboards in Bunbury? If you are looking for floorboards Bunbury, your best option is to choose West Coast. West Coast Timbers have timbers of different sizes, widths and species. Your floorboard will be milled on-site and generally all from the one tree log. We don’t use state forest timbers and only use wood from  locally grown trees. Australian timber for your floorboard is grown to withstand the Aussie lifestyle and weather.

West Coast Timbers, your timber flooring specialist!

What are you waiting for? Solid wooden floorboards will give your home a unique look. Call West Coast Timbers now. We specialize in timber flooring, solid wood furniture and milled, dried and dressed timber to suit your needs.

We have 80 x 10mm boards in random lengths in Jarrah, Tuart, Blackbutt, Marri plus we have 120 x 15mm boards in Marri.

Tongue and groove profile boards make stunning floors.

Want something different in your floorboards, then ring West Coast Timbers and ask, we have  a range of one of specialities as well.

Buy direct from the mill and save, wood is our passion. Ring now on 08 9720 2561



Reasons to choose timber flooring?

Marri FloorboardsPlanning on replacing your floor? Great.

There are many flooring options that you can choose from but if you want the best flooring for your home, choose timber flooring. There are many reasons why timber flooring is a wise choice. This includes:

  • Unmatched beauty
  • Stylish
  • Elegance ensured
  • Healthy – great for allergy suffers

The best thing about timber flooring, is it never goes out of style. Its timeless charm can make your home a beauty to behold!

Warmth and style with timber flooring

Isn’t it nice living in a home with a stylish flooring? Your friends will envy you and most of all, your home will look beautiful. Timber floors can transform any room into something elegant and stylish.  Timber flooring provides warmth and a sense of style – something that no other flooring option is able to give.

Gorgeous Solid Wood Floorboards - MarriWhy is this? Timber flooring is great because each piece is unique in terms of its texture and grain, making a truly unique product. The wide range of options for timber flooring also means that there are different colours to choose from, a feature that can be further enhanced by stains and finishes.

If you have decided that timber is the right flooring option for your home, here are some things that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect timber for your home:

  • Colour
  • Grade
  • Hardness
  • Board width

Marri Floorboards - Solid WoodWhy choose timber flooring?

Why choose timber flooring because it is perfect for your home. Transform your home into something beautiful, stylish and with a touch of class, choose timber flooring now.

For your timber flooring needs, contact West Coast Timbers. We have a wide range of different timbers for you to choose from and will even cut it for you! You can choose the exact logs that your new floor will be cut from. Ring us now on 08 9720 2561 and let’s discuss your flooring needs.


Is Blackbutt flooring for you?

Timeless, stylish and smooth underfoot, timber flooring can be your home’s most striking feature. Match it with the right décor and a couple of rugs; it will bring a cosy and inviting feel to your room all year round. When it comes to timber flooring, you need to make a choice – what type of flooring materials should you choose?

Finding the perfect timber flooring

Choosing timber flooring is great, it has a fabulous look and its hard wearing nature will be perfect for your home.When choosing which timber flooring to buy, you should consider a number of things to make sure you get the best flooring for your home and needs.

Some questions to ask

  • What kind of look do you want?
  • What colour flooring are you looking for?
  • How about durability? It’s maintenance?
  • Want the best wood flooring to purchase?

Blackbutt timber could be a good choice in flooring for you!

Blackbutt flooring

Blackbutt is a strange name but a great timber; the name came about because of the appearance of the tree after a bushfire. Due to its quick growth and versatility, blackbutt has been popularly used in South West Australia for building framework as well as for floorings.

What makes blackbutt flooring different?

Like any other hardwood, blackbutt is durable, strong and can be used for a range of structural and interior applications such as flooring. If you are wondering what sets it apart from other hardwood, read on:

Unique appearance. Blackbutt has an even texture. Its grain can be interlocked but generally, it is straight. Its colour ranges from pale brown to yellow and there are times when you see a slight pinkish colour to the timber. Gorgeous and unique!

Beautiful. Blackbutt can be stained polished or waxed but remember to do it carefully as it will determine the ultimate finish of your floor or hire a professional to do it for you.

Need a quote on your flooring timber? Contact West Coast Timbers, we are your timber specialists. We mill our own timber so you can save by buying directly from the mill, no middle man. West Coast Timbers also supply a range of different timber such as Marri, Jarrah and Tuart, some in wide boards too. Ring us to discuss your flooring needs, we offer free quotes.


Should you steam clean your hardwood floor?

Marri FloorBoardsHardwood floors are remarkably beautiful and add style to any home. Most hardwood floor owners are looking for ways as to how they can maintain its lustre and keep its value.  Yes, hardwood floors are a large investment – that is why you should make an effort to take special care of it.

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain, but there are few cleaning methods that should be avoided where possible.

Steam cleaning is a NO No!

timber floorNowadays, some homeowners and many steam mop sales people believe that it is a good idea to steam clean their hardwood floors.


Steam mops force steam into the wood fibres, any cracks, splits or breaks allowing the moisture to get into the wood of your floor.

We all know that leaving water on the wood is the biggest enemy of a hardwood floor since it is absorbent and may cause the floor to warp or buckle over time.

The harm caused by steam cleaning

Regardless of how much you heat the water to its vapour state; there is still a high amount of water present. If the water gets under the finish as described above, you will have to refinish your floor again to get the bubbles out. What about properly sealed floors? Even when your floor is properly sealed, regular contact with water on your floor can cause significant damage to the wood over time.

Marri Floorboards - Solid WoodShould you steam clean your hardwood floor?

No – you should not. The best way to clean wood floors is warm water and dry mop off.
Do you need to repair a small section of your flooring?
Need to add additional hardwood flooring or a whole house?

Here at West Coast Timbers, we sell hardwood for flooring by the metre so you can have as little or as much as you need, you don’t have to buy a whole pack when you only need a small amount.

Contact West Coast Timbers for all your wooden flooring needs.


Did you know floorboards are perfect for making tables?

Marri Floor Board Table by West Coast TimbersWide floor boards are great for making furniture like kitchen or dining tables or even coffee tables. Wide Marri floorboards make beautiful tables with their distinctive colours and grain patterns. Plus, floorboards are also cheap making them just the right materials for tables especially if you are conscious with your budget.

Why choose floorboards?

With so many materials for tables in the market, why choose floorboards? What are its advantages? What makes it stand out from the rest? Here are some reasons why floorboards are perfect for making tables.

  • Value for your money
  • Beautiful
  • Easy to care
  • Healthy for the environment

Value for your money

Floorboards such as Marri are perfect for making lovely tables because they will last for many years allowing you to make the most from your investment. You can cover ply or other cheaper timbers to have a really solid table at a fraction of the price of similar solid wood and make a really beautiful table that will last a very long time.


With its warmth, natural hues and rich colour, Marri floorboards are perfect for you. They also come in different colour and pattern allowing you to have a floorboard that’s perfect for your home.

Easy to care

This type of tables are very easy to care. Once made, your table made from floorboard will look beautiful for years to come with just routine cleaning and maintenance. No strict or complicated maintenance required at all.

Healthy for environment

Marri and other floorboards are a renewable source which means that their supply is guaranteed to last for years without damaging the environment. Plus, wooden tables are environment friendly compared to those tables made from plastics or metal?

West Coast Timbers can mill timber to your requirements. Why not take advantage of our February / March special where you will receive a 10% discount on all wide Marri boards ordered in these months. Go measure and contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your flooring and furniture needs.


Why choose timber flooring?

Elegance, class and warmth your lounge timber flooringWhen you are renovating or designing a new space, it is important that you consider what flooring will suit your needs best. You have to choose a flooring that can make your home  beautiful and if possible, a floor that matches your personality. Are you having troubles choosing the perfect fit for your home? Consider timber flooring.

Why use timber flooring?

Imagine stepping into your front door, having that feeling that only timber flooring can give you and your guests every time you step inside your home. Timber seems to have a way of weaving a special magic into your home. It provides a warmth, richness and character that no other types of flooring can match. Timber flooring also offers benefits to homeowners like you.

When choosing timber flooring, you might be faced with several questions. Below are some questions and answers that you need to know about timber flooring.

How long will timber / wood floors last?

Timber floorings are durable and can last for many years, maybe even your lifetime. Timber floors require a little TLC from you. Worried if you can get value for your money, invest  a little time in maintaining your for and you will have no problems. With timber flooring, you get to enjoy the classic feeling inside your home for a long time.

Marri Floorboards - Solid WoodAre wood floors easy to install?

Yes! You don’t have to wait for many months before getting your own your own timber flooring – especially if you engage the services of a professional flooring company.

How much is the cost?

Wood flooring is an investment and may cost more than some other flooring type, but how many other floors will last longer than your lifetime. Imagine not having to replace your flooring for a long time, if ever. Timber flooring is beautiful – no need to install carpets and reinstall carpets anymore!

You just coat your timber flooring and then they are good to go! With the right coating and a bit of regular TLC, you don’t won’t have to recoat your floors for at least, 10 years or most likely even longer, which is a real time saving and value for money. The cost of timber flooring coating is much more affordable compared to replacing the carpet, which might start to look worn out in 5 years or so.

You have decided to go with a timber floor – perfect! Now, for your timber flooring needs, contact West Coast Timbers and get your free quote today. Solid wood floors cut t your exact requirements ready for DIY installation or your favourite flooring professional.


Can you change the colour of your hardwood floor?

timber floorYour hardwood floor starts to look yellowish and you don’t like it at all! Well, it’s natural for hardwood flooring to yellow, darken or lighten overtime, depending on the wood species and the exposure to sunlight. There are many reasons why your hardwood floor starts to change its colour. Constant exposure to sunlight and the age of your floor could play a big role.

Can you do something about it?

Your hardwood floor is subject to change its colour after a while, but it doesn’t mean you can’t prevent it. Floor experts recommend moving furniture and rugs occasionally to allow your hardwood floor to age evenly. Surely, you don’t want to look at your floor and see two different shades on both sides? While you can ensure your hardwood will have the same colour, you can also change the colour of your hardwood floor.

Is it possible to change its colour?

Yes, you can. Many homeowners may not realise it yet, but you can change the colour of your hardwood by refinishing your floor. You can go light, dark or red tones or choose a tone anywhere in between. When refinishing your floor, you can stain your floor in a shade that you like.

When staining your floor, always do a test first. Remember, different wood will accept stain differently. Don’t worry because testing your hardwood floor with stains will not damage it as they will get two more sandings. The important thing here is to check the effect of stain on your hardwood floor and see other colour options before finalising your choice.

Can you change the colour of your hardwood floor?

The answer is a definite “yes”!

If your flooring is really old and damage is already done and you need to replace boards or whole sections give West Coast Timbers a call as we will sell you the exact amount of timber you need. West Coast Timbers can custom cut flooring to suit your needs. Call 9720 2561 week days to discuss your situation and requirements.