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What type of hardwood timber can I buy?

Solid wood cabinet with glass doorsHere at West Coast Timbers we sell a range of timber products including wood furniture, flooring, wood cut to order that will suit your exact needs. Having timber in your home will make it totally lovely and to be admired by your friends for many years to come.

We have lots of different types of high quality timbers sourced from private, development or road works sites and recycled timbers. We don’t use state forest timber in our mill.

We sell timber products that will turn your home into a classic comfy palace.

Here is the list of hardwood timbers you can buy:

  1. Wood furniture
  2. Timber flooring
  3. Wood cut to order
  4. Raw edge timber
  5. Burls
  6. Decking timber

Wood furniture

Coffee TableYour search for classic sturdy wood furniture is over. You can request your own design or view or current stocks for custom made furniture pieces. Our handmade furniture will outlast you and live on for many generations.

Our furniture is made from Australian timber, that have had years to grow in lovely fresh air, not full of chemicals perfect for your dining and design.

We specialise in custom designed solid wood furnishings.

Timber flooring

Marri Floorboards - Solid WoodYou don’t need to worry for cold winter breeze with solid wood floors; they are warm in winter and cool in summer. Timber floorings are durable for any weather conditions perfect for your savings. Add a rug or two in winter and you have the prefect floor to snuggle on.

You don’t have to worry about dust mites as wood floors don’t have anywhere for mites to hide and are easily cleaned. If you have asthma or hay fever you can stay healthy throughout the year having non-allergenic timber flooring in your house.

Beautify your home into modern, retro or classic style with our different floor designs.

Wood cut to order

Want a piece of timber for a specific purpose? You can choose from our huge range of select the timbers.We can cut timbers into the exact sizes for your requirements. You don’t have to settle for near enough, let us know the measurements you need.

We sell slabs that are freshly milled and dried, cut to order, ready for your to create your wooden master piece even a lovely new dining table.

Raw edge timber

Split Logs - lovely solid wood for youWe can supply your timbersthat include Burls, Jarrah, Paperbark, Sheoak, Marri, WA Blackbutt, Tuart,Peppermint, and many more. Just ask. These timbers are ideal for quality pieces and durable furniture.


We can make you sturdy table tops with our various range of burls. Or you can buy unfinished burls to make your own.

Burl Wood Table Top

Burl Wood Table Top

Burls are lovely artistic wood which make them great for your furniture which will be displayed in your cosy living room.

Decking Timber

Extend living areas with a wood decking perfect to your lovely house. Wood decking is wonderful to use as a balcony on your second story. Choose different timber to add style to your verandah, balcony or patio floor.

Deck your garden area and share the fabulous view with friends, perfect to create an outdoor kitchen in your entertaining area.

Where to buy hardwood timber?

West Coast Timbers of course!

Have the best timber to cover your needs. Call West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your timber needs and book an appointment to see our timber range.


3 reasons to have wooden furniture in your home?

Ever wondered why solid wood is regarded as the best quality in furniture?

Whether you are building a new home,keen on remodeling the old one or just want to add a special piece of furniture; you can never go wrong with choosing solid wooden furniture.

Wood furniture is perfect for your home it is:

  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Great value for your money

Plus, wooden furniture just looks lovely!

Why have wooden furniture in your home?

Your home deserves the best, right? Wooden furniture can be classic pieces right through to modern and contemporary; it can go well with your home no matter what type of style you prefer. With wooden furniture’s versatility, you can achieve the kind of look you want for your home in an instant, no matter what the style.

Here are 3 reasons to have wooden furniture in your home:

  1. Prized possessions for home
  2. Unparalleled quality
  3. A beauty to behold

Prized possessions for home

Solid Wood TV CabinetWith its timeless appeal, wooden furniture will bring out your home’s best appearance. It can strike a balance with the interior décor theme to accentuating any style of home décor and create an impressive aesthetic look.

Unparalleled quality

Many people choose wooden furniture because of its durability. You get what you pay for. Save yourself time and money by not having to replace your furniture every few years.

A beauty to behold

Wooden furniture is impressive – it has a look and the quality to stand the test of time. Yes, its durable and that means its beautiful looks can last for longer. Brilliant!

3 reasons to have wooden furniture in your home?

Style, longevity, value for money!

Looking for solid wood furniture to add to your home?
Have a chat with West Coast Timbers, we have a range of furniture, whether you are looking for modern furniture or traditional styles, we have something for you or we can even custom make you that special piece.





Why it is a great idea to buy wood direct from the mill?

Logs, beautiful timber waiting to become beautiful furnitureLooking to buy hardwood for your next project?

Finding the best place to buy quality Australian timber can seem really hard these days. Stop searching; you’ve come to the best place for your wood needs.

Here are 3 reasons to buy timber direct from the mill:

  1. Saves you money
  2. Quality hardwood timber
  3. We cut timber to different lengths

Saves you money

Here at West Coast Timbers you can assure quality timber products. Buying straight from the mill means no middle man to inflate the price or add on extra commissions.

Quality hardwood timber

Our timbers is all Australian wood usually local grown and definitely not from any state forest. Our timber comes from private property and development site, whether than be housing estate, road developments or commercial sites

We cut timber to different lengths

Want exact sizes cut for you? You found the right place. We can cut timber to sizes fit to your requirements. No more having to buy timber in lengths that just suit Bunnings shelf sizes.

At West Coast Timbers we can cut timber for flooring, table tops, furniture, whatever you need. Give us the exact measurements you need and we will quote you a price for  the work you need done.

Why it is a great idea to buy wood direct from the mill?

Save money, get exactly what you need in the type of timber you are looking.

At West Coast Timbers, we are the mill so we can do everything for you.
Call us on 08 9720 2561 and we can have a talk about your timber needs.


Did you know floorboards are perfect for making tables?

Marri Floor Board Table by West Coast TimbersWide floor boards are great for making furniture like kitchen or dining tables or even coffee tables. Wide Marri floorboards make beautiful tables with their distinctive colours and grain patterns. Plus, floorboards are also cheap making them just the right materials for tables especially if you are conscious with your budget.

Why choose floorboards?

With so many materials for tables in the market, why choose floorboards? What are its advantages? What makes it stand out from the rest? Here are some reasons why floorboards are perfect for making tables.

  • Value for your money
  • Beautiful
  • Easy to care
  • Healthy for the environment

Value for your money

Floorboards such as Marri are perfect for making lovely tables because they will last for many years allowing you to make the most from your investment. You can cover ply or other cheaper timbers to have a really solid table at a fraction of the price of similar solid wood and make a really beautiful table that will last a very long time.


With its warmth, natural hues and rich colour, Marri floorboards are perfect for you. They also come in different colour and pattern allowing you to have a floorboard that’s perfect for your home.

Easy to care

This type of tables are very easy to care. Once made, your table made from floorboard will look beautiful for years to come with just routine cleaning and maintenance. No strict or complicated maintenance required at all.

Healthy for environment

Marri and other floorboards are a renewable source which means that their supply is guaranteed to last for years without damaging the environment. Plus, wooden tables are environment friendly compared to those tables made from plastics or metal?

West Coast Timbers can mill timber to your requirements. Why not take advantage of our February / March special where you will receive a 10% discount on all wide Marri boards ordered in these months. Go measure and contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your flooring and furniture needs.


5 misconceptions about wide plank flooring

Solid wood floorboardsWide plank flooring has been the option for many homeowners. Why? They are:

  • Lovely
  • Sturdy
  • Worth the money
  • Luxury

You can uplift the appearance of your home with wide plank flooring. Guests will tend to go “ooh” and “aww” when they see it! No doubt, wide plank flooring is the perfect choice for your home. Check out the many options that available.

Wide plank flooring misconceptions you should know

There’s been a lot of talk around wide plank flooring – and this can cause many homeowners to shy away from this option of flooring. Before you judge wide plank flooring, it’s a wise idea if you know the 5 myths about wide plank flooring. Read on:

They stop at around 25cm

If you’ve heard this – then sorry, you’re mistaken. If you’re looking for a wider plank for your home, you can have it. Check out our Marri wide plank flooring, we can also do custom jobs if you need to match in with your existing boards.

You have to be in the wide plank market to have it

Wide plank flooring seems to be a specialty thus they are only accessible for people who have a preconceived desire for wide planks. Not the case at all. Anyone can have wide plank flooring.

Marri FloorBoardsIt is very expensive

Well, wide plank flooring can slightly more expensive but not to the point of being labeled as over-priced. It all depends on your choice. If you choose planks within the narrower range, prices can be competitive as to that of another type of flooring.

The height is limited

False! Wide plank flooring is not just wider but can be longer as well.

Wide-plank only has a very narrow window of moisture

Wrong again! While it’s true that wood has a moisture range that is acceptable, but high quality wood such as wide plank flooring can deal with it. It will not contract easily.

Want to make your home eye-catching? What are you waiting for, choose wide plank flooring every time!

For wide plank flooring, contact West Coast Timbers. We have full access to woods and timbers that you can’t find elsewhere. We mill our timber too – it’s almost like you are buying directly from the mill. Saves you time and money. Don’t walk the plank on your own! Ring us now for a free quote.



Why choose West Coast Timbers for all your timber supplies?

Raw wooden flooring and deckingPlanning to spend your weekend on some DIY home improvement projects? Whether it’s a small project or a larger one like doing your timber flooring, it is important that you find a supplier that will provide you with all your necessary materials. When in Bunbury, choose West Coast Timbers for all your timber needs.

Who are we?

We offer timber products to cater your every need. We mill our own timbers and we comply with the Australian government when it comes to environmental requirements. We also offer exquisite pieces of custom made furniture that are ready to use at home. This furniture is handmade and we ensure uniqueness in every design.

Natural Edge Timber SlabWhy choose us?

West Coast Timbers been in the timber supply for a long time and our expertise in the industry is acquired through years of experience. With us, you are in good hands. West Coast Timbers is your safest option, as we suggest the following:

Customisation option

We offer you a customised cut and design. If you are looking for a specific timber size or shape, just tell us what you need and we’ll organise it for you. Whether you are looking for 1 piece or many metres of timber we can supply the amount you need. You can buy exactly what you need not a whole pack or a size that isn’t quite what you want. Near enough is NOT good enough, order your exact requirement.

Cost effective prices

Our timber products and supplies are made affordable because we know the hardship of getting a good buy without spending a lot. Since we mill our own timber, our prices are low compared to others. No middleman is required so you will find our prices affordable.

tableTopFinishedExpertise and experience

We know how to spot a good timber so you can be sure to get the most out of your money. We only provide materials and products of the highest quality.

Why choose West Coast Timbers for all your timber supplies?

Why not? With our experience and value or money, we are your best choice. Ring West Coast Timbers today to discuss your needs on 9720 2561. We are located just north of Bunbury on Forrest Highway, an easy drive south from Perth.





How to choose furniture to reflect your interior design style

TV Cabinet, the envy of your friends with this fabulous TV CabinetChoosing the right furniture for your home can be a lot of fun but you might be overwhelmed with the pressure. It can be tough to find functional and comfortable pieces that reflect your personality and at the same time, complement your interior décor. Plus, the chance of getting the wrong pieces might mean a wasting your money.

Finding the right furniture

Furniture is the heart of your home. There is no sense in denying it – furniture makes your house a home and creates that welcoming feel that is felt as soon as you walk in by your entire family and guests. It is importance that you know how to choose your furniture to get that correct first impression. When it comes to choosing the right furniture, it requires a number of considerations of both practical and aesthetic factors.

Furniture and its function

Ask yourself what furniture is needed inside a room. Consider each person needs in your home. Who will be sitting in that room what kind of chairs do they need? Choose furniture that makes your home beautiful and is useful to you and your family.

The basic furniture for every room

Each room inside your house has a specific purpose therefore requiring specific furniture. For example, a dining area needs a dining table just as the living room needs some extra chair. What type of feel as you trying to achieve in each room. If you walk in through your front door and immediately see your dinning; then think about having a really nice dining table as you feature piece of furniture. A really good wooden dining table can last a lifetime and would be a great investment for your home.

Define your personal needs

A certain room has different needs according to the person using it. For example, you might be fine with a single bed but a kid’s room with two kids occupying the space may require two single beds or a bunk bed.

The piece of furniture and the style

Choose furniture that goes well with your home décor. That way, you can achieve a visual impact that you are looking for. When starting out or if your budget is tight, think about having one or two statement pieces of furniture and then build from there. Wooden furniture really is worth the investment and can set a wonderful tone for your home.

How to choose furniture to reflect your interior design style

For lovely wooden furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. We made beautiful pieces of furniture from quality timber from coffee tables to dining table and much more. We can also customised furniture and do commission jobs; so if you have an odd sized space or have a specific requirement we can do that too. Ring us now for a free quote. We will be only too happy to answer your enquiries.



Where can I get small pieces of wood for a DIY project?

Red Dog Wooden Wine HolderFeel like doing some wood turning or need a small piece of wood for your next project?

West Coast Timbers are your local wood mill just by the road north of Bunbury. We have a huge range of timbers both large and small.

Large range

West Coast Timbers offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles and colour for small wood pieces to suit your unique taste.

Exact size

We can wood cut to order, so you get the exact size you want. Buy ordering just what you need of your DIY project we can save you time and money.

Large range than Bunnings

At West Coast Timbers, we have a larger range of timbers than Bunnings. If you are looking for a special piece whether large or small give us a call and we are sure you will find it.

Wood for repairs

Are you looking for that perfect piece of wood to match in with your existing timber flooring that needs repairing or a leg on your favourite chair? Bring in the damaged piece and see how close we can get to matching the existing wood.

No state forest timber

We don’t use any state forest timbers in our mill. All our timber comes from private properly or development site.

Cost effective

You only buy what you need, cost effective, you bet!

Where can I get small pieces of wood for a DIY project?

Small or large timber orders, West Coast Timbers are your timber experts. Are you passionate about wood and timber? So are we, come and have a chat.

Call West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your wood and timber needs.


What’s the best type of hardwood to use as flooring?

Marri  FloorBoardsIf you’re thinking of installing or replacing your hardwood floor, you might need some help. There’s a variety of hardwood flooring available today and you’ll realise that most of them are beautiful and worthy of your money. Which one should you go for and why?

Choosing the type of hardwood floor that best fits your space can be tough but should be done properly in order to achieve the kind of look and feel you want for your home. Before anything else, you should know that wood flooring comes in three types and not all are hardwood:

  • Solid wood flooring (real hardwood)
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Acrylic impregnated wood flooring

Don’t get confused! Wood flooring “types” are different from the wood variety that you should choose. When you are looking for the best type of hardwood to use as flooring, you should get familiar with the type of wood varieties where you will base your options.

Hardwood is solid wood, real wood, the way it grew on a tree. Hardwood flooring – real wood has been used in homes for 100’s of years.

Wood varieties to choose from

Luckily, there are many hardwood trees that are grown in Australia on which you can use as flooring. The best thing about local grown trees is that they are accessible and are durable as they are resistant to the harsh Australian climate. Below are the lists of hardwood trees that you can consider:

  • Jarrah
  • Blackbutt
  • Marri
  • Tuart

These hardwoods are great for flooring as they are all durable, gorgeous colours and have lovely patterns which can create a unique and elegant look for your floor.

When choosing the perfect hardwood to use as flooring, consider the type of look you want. For example, light wood maybe more appropriate for a casual setting while dark wood blends itself to more formal surroundings, old style homes or just when you want real class.

Need help with your choices? Contact West Coast Timbers for professional advice. We can make sure you get your home the right type of hardwood. We also offer hardwood that you can’t find anywhere else. We mill our own timber so you can even see the log your flooring is coming from if you like.

Real Wood for Real West Australian Homes

Ring West Coast Timbers for all your flooring needs.


Want to Create That Heritage House Feel With Wide Floorboards?

Solid wood floorboardsSearching for the latest trends in flooring today? When it comes to flooring trends, many things old becomes new again. One great example is the use of wide floorboards as your flooring. Wide floorboards were used a long time ago and many people rate house by the width of the floor boards. Well, guess what you can still get wide boards today!

Wide floorboards for you

If you think that wide floorboards are only fit into the past, you can think again. Wide floorboards aren’t for everyone nor they can fit for every application but they are a refreshing alternative if you have been thinking about having hardwood flooring. Perfect for heritage style homes, giving that extra class or restoration work.

Wide floorboards are classic, today narrower boards have become the rage because they are thinner and can be cut from younger trees. Don’t worry though, the effect and durability is still the same – only the size and appearance changes but never its functionality.

Create that heritage feel inside your home

Whether you would like floor that can last for years or just want to have that heritage feel inside your home, wide Marri floorboards can do that for you. With its beautiful pattern, unique appearance and rich colour, floorboards can give your home just the right look and feel.

The nice thing about wide Marri floorboards is that you can choose what kind of atmosphere you would like to create. Marri floorboards come in a variety of colour and grain pattern. They have a richness and beauty that enhances your home’s appearance. Perfect to match with your homes décor from heritage to modern, wood flooring covers it all.

Want to Create That Heritage House Feel With Wide Floorboards?

Look no further than West Coast Timber, just north of Bunbury.

If you want to create beautiful home from wide Marri floorboards, contact West Coast Timbers. We also offer floorboards in Jarrah and Tuart. We have access to wonderful Australian timbers and never from state forests. Ring us on 08 9720 2561 now to get your free quote today, buy direct from the mill and save.