Timber flooring

How durable is timber flooring?

Gorgeous Solid Wood Floorboards - MarriWant a classic look for your home? For that beauty that will last a lifetime, you can’t walk past the natural beauty of timber flooring.

Here are some reasons to choose timber flooring:

  • Easy to install
  • Versatile
  • Low maintenance

Timber flooring is extremely durable, which makes this type of flooring last for generations when properly taken care of.

Durability of timber flooring

Solid timber flooring isn’t just a beautiful addition that completes the look of your home no matter what style you have, it is much more. Did you know that timber flooring, once installed will last a lifetime? That’s how durable timber flooring is. Even a floor that has been mistreated in the past can be sanded and refinished to give it a second lease of life and many more years of service.

You get what you pay for with and unlike other types of flooring, like vinyl and carpet; you will never have to replace your solid wood floors. Would you rather choose to keep on replacing your floor again and again, which can cost you more or settle with a timber flooring that can last throughout the entire generation of your family? The choice is yours. For practical purposes, timber flooring is a great flooring option, especially for allergy sufferers as dust and dirt doesn’t get trapped in your floor.

Australian hardwood floors

When choosing timber flooring, Australian hardwood floors are a great option. They are known to withstand the harsh climate of the area where they were originally grown. A popular choice for architects and interior designers is the Jarrah when aesthetic and versatility is concerned, Marri for lovely colours and Blackbutt. With the many choices of Australian hardwood floors, you can be sure to find something that will suit your taste.

Timber flooring has been around for hundreds of years, which means one thing – they have withstood the test of time. Plus, combined with the technology today, they become more durable and hard wearing.

Looking for the right timber flooring? West Coast Timbers can help you with that. We process our own timbers at our mill and we have a large collection of timbers like Jarrah, Blackbutt, Marri and so much more. Ring us now to arrange an inspection of our current timbers today. Buy direct from the mill and save.


Are you looking for floorboards in Bunbury?

Marri_Floor_BoardsTimber floor brilliant, you’ve decided to choose floorboards for your home. Good.

Wood flooring is great:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Flexible
  • Perfect for your health

Floorboards are naturally hard wearing and when properly maintain can last for many years. Wanting only the best for your home, nothing beats the qualities of solid wood floorboards. Wood floors offer a stylish and elegant look on your home.

Wood is a perfect fit for your home.

Are you worried about your design inside your home? Don’t be. Surprisingly, solid wooden floorboards can be very flexible. They look good on both contemporary and traditional interior design; modern, minimalist or heritage to country, any style. You can be sure that your home will look at its best all the time!

Floorboards are cool in summer and warm during winter, no freezing feet first thing in the morning. Wood doesn’t trap heat, so no radiant heat in the hot weather. Your floorboards will make a comfortable atmosphere for you, staying cool on even the hottest days.

No doubt, solid wood floorboards are the right fit for you when it comes to comfortability, beauty and functionality.

Where to look for floorboards?

Now, the problem is, where to look for floorboards in Bunbury? If you are looking for floorboards Bunbury, your best option is to choose West Coast. West Coast Timbers have timbers of different sizes, widths and species. Your floorboard will be milled on-site and generally all from the one tree log. We don’t use state forest timbers and only use wood from  locally grown trees. Australian timber for your floorboard is grown to withstand the Aussie lifestyle and weather.

West Coast Timbers, your timber flooring specialist!

What are you waiting for? Solid wooden floorboards will give your home a unique look. Call West Coast Timbers now. We specialize in timber flooring, solid wood furniture and milled, dried and dressed timber to suit your needs.

We have 80 x 10mm boards in random lengths in Jarrah, Tuart, Blackbutt, Marri plus we have 120 x 15mm boards in Marri.

Tongue and groove profile boards make stunning floors.

Want something different in your floorboards, then ring West Coast Timbers and ask, we have  a range of one of specialities as well.

Buy direct from the mill and save, wood is our passion. Ring now on 08 9720 2561



Reasons to choose timber flooring?

Marri FloorboardsPlanning on replacing your floor? Great.

There are many flooring options that you can choose from but if you want the best flooring for your home, choose timber flooring. There are many reasons why timber flooring is a wise choice. This includes:

  • Unmatched beauty
  • Stylish
  • Elegance ensured
  • Healthy – great for allergy suffers

The best thing about timber flooring, is it never goes out of style. Its timeless charm can make your home a beauty to behold!

Warmth and style with timber flooring

Isn’t it nice living in a home with a stylish flooring? Your friends will envy you and most of all, your home will look beautiful. Timber floors can transform any room into something elegant and stylish.  Timber flooring provides warmth and a sense of style – something that no other flooring option is able to give.

Gorgeous Solid Wood Floorboards - MarriWhy is this? Timber flooring is great because each piece is unique in terms of its texture and grain, making a truly unique product. The wide range of options for timber flooring also means that there are different colours to choose from, a feature that can be further enhanced by stains and finishes.

If you have decided that timber is the right flooring option for your home, here are some things that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect timber for your home:

  • Colour
  • Grade
  • Hardness
  • Board width

Marri Floorboards - Solid WoodWhy choose timber flooring?

Why choose timber flooring because it is perfect for your home. Transform your home into something beautiful, stylish and with a touch of class, choose timber flooring now.

For your timber flooring needs, contact West Coast Timbers. We have a wide range of different timbers for you to choose from and will even cut it for you! You can choose the exact logs that your new floor will be cut from. Ring us now on 08 9720 2561 and let’s discuss your flooring needs.


When should I seal my deck?

Hardwood_deckingSeal your deck every year. Having your deck sealed annually will help keep its gorgeous look for years to come.

Follow the 5 easy tips to extend the life of your deck,

  1. Sand any rough spots
  2. Sweep clean all dust
  3. When to reapply deck sealer
  4. Apply deck sealer
  5. When should I seal my deck?

Sand any rough spots

Before you start cleaning, make sure to remove the scratches, lumps or bumps on the surface of the board making it smooth ready for sealing. Use a fine sandpaper to sand any splintered floor surface. Check for any damaged or rotten boards to know if needs repair or replacement.

Sweep clean all dust

Sweep the entire deck with a soft broom to clean dust, dirt and any debris above from the boards. You could also use leaf blower for loose dirt or debris that maybe hiding between the boards.

When to reapply deck sealer

When do you need to reapply your deck sealer? Every 12 months is a good rule of thumb but depending on the conditions you may need to do it more often.

To determine whether to seal or not, pour a small amount of water on a deck surface of your deck; if the water beads up in droplets then you don’t need to reapply deck sealer in that area of your deck. If the water soaks into the deck, then you will need to reapply the same type of sealer you have used previously; after the cleaning process.

It is very difficult to change from oil based sealers to water based sealers or vice versa with sanding your deck back to bare wood. The old saying of oil and water don’t mix really is true for deck sealers.

Apply deck sealer

Follow the instructions on the back of the can for your particular type of deck sealer.

Try to prevent people and pets from walking on the deck while it is drying, which depending on the weather may take a day or two.

When should I seal my deck?

Sealing your deck is like applying moisture to your skin, it stops the wood drying out and keeps your deck in great condition for many years to come. You should reapply a sealer to your deck every year to help prevent damage occurring to your deck. Or if the weather conditions have been harsh or the deck has not be sealed for a while you may have to reapply more often.

Need new decking boards or a whole new deck?

West Coast Timbers have a whole range of timbers you can choose from. We have a larger variety of timbers than Bunnings so chances are we will be able to match your existing deck if you need to do a repair.

Call West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your timber needs. We are the mill so there is no middle man here, buy direct and save.



Is Blackbutt flooring for you?

Timeless, stylish and smooth underfoot, timber flooring can be your home’s most striking feature. Match it with the right décor and a couple of rugs; it will bring a cosy and inviting feel to your room all year round. When it comes to timber flooring, you need to make a choice – what type of flooring materials should you choose?

Finding the perfect timber flooring

Choosing timber flooring is great, it has a fabulous look and its hard wearing nature will be perfect for your home.When choosing which timber flooring to buy, you should consider a number of things to make sure you get the best flooring for your home and needs.

Some questions to ask

  • What kind of look do you want?
  • What colour flooring are you looking for?
  • How about durability? It’s maintenance?
  • Want the best wood flooring to purchase?

Blackbutt timber could be a good choice in flooring for you!

Blackbutt flooring

Blackbutt is a strange name but a great timber; the name came about because of the appearance of the tree after a bushfire. Due to its quick growth and versatility, blackbutt has been popularly used in South West Australia for building framework as well as for floorings.

What makes blackbutt flooring different?

Like any other hardwood, blackbutt is durable, strong and can be used for a range of structural and interior applications such as flooring. If you are wondering what sets it apart from other hardwood, read on:

Unique appearance. Blackbutt has an even texture. Its grain can be interlocked but generally, it is straight. Its colour ranges from pale brown to yellow and there are times when you see a slight pinkish colour to the timber. Gorgeous and unique!

Beautiful. Blackbutt can be stained polished or waxed but remember to do it carefully as it will determine the ultimate finish of your floor or hire a professional to do it for you.

Need a quote on your flooring timber? Contact West Coast Timbers, we are your timber specialists. We mill our own timber so you can save by buying directly from the mill, no middle man. West Coast Timbers also supply a range of different timber such as Marri, Jarrah and Tuart, some in wide boards too. Ring us to discuss your flooring needs, we offer free quotes.


Did you know floorboards are perfect for making tables?

Marri Floor Board Table by West Coast TimbersWide floor boards are great for making furniture like kitchen or dining tables or even coffee tables. Wide Marri floorboards make beautiful tables with their distinctive colours and grain patterns. Plus, floorboards are also cheap making them just the right materials for tables especially if you are conscious with your budget.

Why choose floorboards?

With so many materials for tables in the market, why choose floorboards? What are its advantages? What makes it stand out from the rest? Here are some reasons why floorboards are perfect for making tables.

  • Value for your money
  • Beautiful
  • Easy to care
  • Healthy for the environment

Value for your money

Floorboards such as Marri are perfect for making lovely tables because they will last for many years allowing you to make the most from your investment. You can cover ply or other cheaper timbers to have a really solid table at a fraction of the price of similar solid wood and make a really beautiful table that will last a very long time.


With its warmth, natural hues and rich colour, Marri floorboards are perfect for you. They also come in different colour and pattern allowing you to have a floorboard that’s perfect for your home.

Easy to care

This type of tables are very easy to care. Once made, your table made from floorboard will look beautiful for years to come with just routine cleaning and maintenance. No strict or complicated maintenance required at all.

Healthy for environment

Marri and other floorboards are a renewable source which means that their supply is guaranteed to last for years without damaging the environment. Plus, wooden tables are environment friendly compared to those tables made from plastics or metal?

West Coast Timbers can mill timber to your requirements. Why not take advantage of our February / March special where you will receive a 10% discount on all wide Marri boards ordered in these months. Go measure and contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your flooring and furniture needs.


Marri Floorboards – The epitome of elegance

Marri FloorboardsAre you searching for the perfect floor covering for your home? Something solid and sturdy, practical and functional? A surface that not only serves its unique purpose but also looks amazing? Then look no further than Marri timber flooring from West Coast Timbers in Binningup, Western Australia.

Servicing the South West with a stunning selection of furniture timbers and flooring options, West Coast Timbers DO NOT mill state forest timber, all our timber is sourced from private owners or development sites. West Coast Timbers cut timber selected to order which means you get exactly what you want and need.

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing Marri timber for your home include:

  • Wide Cut and Custom Made
  • Strong and durable
  • Colour and Pattern

Wide Cut and Custom Made

Marri Log waiting to be milled for lovely floorboards or solid timber furnitureMarri boards are cut significantly wider for flooring and furniture making. The logs have been hand-picked, sawn, kiln-dried and processed to ensure the floorboards are individual for your home. We custom cut so you can order a full selection to complete your home flooring or just a few to replace any damaged boards. Have your flooring your way, not dictated by the stores packing policy.

Strong and Durable

Tough and long-lasting, Marri floorboards are extremely durable and require the most basic of maintenance. We can cut in random lengths with a tongue and groove profile. Marri floorboards are manufactured to withstand a lifetime of everyday use.

Marri Floors by West Coast TimbersColour and Pattern

Marri floorboards derive their beauty from the striking red gum that runs through the natural wood. The Marri is grown in the South West of Australia and is popular for its unique patterns caused by the bloodwood veins. The stunning light golden colour is a timeless choice for any home décor and adds warmth and character to any house design.

Where Can I Find Marri Floorboards?

West Coast Timbers are proud suppliers of hand-picked marri, available directly from the mill. Save money with the huge range to choose from and add value to your home whilst enjoying the beauty of these boards. Call West Coast Timbers today, we are located in Binningup, phone us on 9720 2561 to organise your quote and start dreaming of your beautiful new floorboards today.



4 signs you need a new deck

Hardwood_deckingAdding a deck to your home can offer you enjoyment and satisfaction plus. You can do anything related to the outdoors on your deck. However, you will need to do a little maintenance each year on your deck, depending on the weather oil or reseal will be necessary. When checking your deck make sure it doesn’t need any repairs.This is all part of your deck maintenance, but how will you be able to tell when you need a new deck? Read on to find out:

  • Floorboards are wobbling
  • Posts are rotting
  • It doesn’t meet the codes
  • Your railings are on the loose

Floorboards are wobbling

Checking this is easy – simply walk over your deck floor. Does it make a squeaky sound? How many floorboards are out of place? This can be an indicator that your supports are loose or your wood is rotting. If hammering a few nails doesn’t fix the issue or if you’ve been dealing with this problem regularly, then it’shigh time you may need to think about a replacement. Depending on the damage you may only need to replace the boards in question and then your job is done. If the damage is extensive and you have other issues a complete new deck may be needed.

Posts are rotting

Check the support of your deck regularly. Are the posts strong and is there any sign of rotting? The moment you notice any deterioration, don’t waste any time. It can be potentially harmful to you and your family as your deck could collapse if the damage is left unattended. Make sure you check your deck posts regularly, especially if you are using untreated wood.

Fabulous decking, a cut above the restIt doesn’t meet the codes

Was your deck built many years ago? Chances are, it could be out of date and doesn’t meet the required Australian standards and local building codes. Council permits and building codes are there for a reason, bests to stick to them and keep your family and friends safe.

Your railings are on the loose

A loose railing can be the main reason why they have dropped. Apart from it making your deck look unsightly; it can also compromise your deck safety, as well as your guests.

4 signs you need a new deck

Need a new deck? West Coast Timbers sell decking timber to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a small amount to replace a section of your existing deck or to build a completely new one, you can order your timber by the metre so you get the exact amount you require.

Ring West Coast Timbers today and let’s discuss your decking timber options.


Are there any competitive benefits of hardwood floors?

Marri Floorboards - Solid WoodHardwood floors provide style and beauty that can adapt to any décor. Whether you want your home to look traditional or modern, a hardwood floor can give you an exact look you are wanting. Its warmth, rich colour, unique grain and pattern make it exquisite – the perfect way to create an exclusive look for your home.

Aren’t hardwood floors expensive to install?

Compared to other cheap flooring options, hardwood floors may cost a little more. However, as it’s a once in a lifetime expense, for the next 20 years or more, you won’t need to replace your floor. Sometimes, it can even outlive you! Yes, hardwood floors offer great long-term value and last longer. Plus, they are easy to maintain too. A little bit of sweeping and vacuuming once in a while can do the trick. Periodically, using a wood floor cleaner will help remove some stubborn surface dirt.

Save on some of the costs by buying directly from the mill and installing the flooring yourself.

Once your floor looks old in 30 years’ time, you can even resanded and refinished and viola, it will look like youinstalled yesterday!

Marri_FloorboardsDoes it offer any benefits?

Yes – hardwood floors offer competitive benefits. When properly installed, hardwood floors can last up to a hundred of years. Other floorings won’t last that long and would require a replacement – an added cost and expense again.

With hardwood flooring do it once – do it right

You see, hardwood floors offer a competitive price – but knowing it can last longer and requires less maintenance means its price is very reasonable.

Did you know?

Investing in a solid hardwood floor is important, especially if you are not planning to move?

Or even if you are planning to move, hardwood flooring can add significant value to your home and can potentially increase its sales price. Many real estate agents reported that properties with wood floors sell faster!

Are there any competitive benefits of hardwood floors?

Want to save money and get superior wood flooring?

Speak directly to the mill – West Coast Timbers Binningup, just north of Bunbury. We cansupply you with the wood flooring whether you require a whole floor, whole house worth of flooring or trying to match a small area of existing flooring. Ring West Coast Timbers today and let’s talk.


Is timber perfect to use for my deck?

deckThinking of spending the nights alfresco? Sipping cuppas or cold drinks in your backyard? Well, the idea is so inviting but first, you need somewhere to sit. A durable and good looking deck is the perfect option. Your new deck will be a great place to hang out with friends, the children to play or take a 10 minute “me” break, when you need like.


Your deck is an investment that should be built carefully using only the finest and highest quality materials. In case you haven’t noticed, there are endless choices of materials for your deck making your decking options limitless. Whether you’re are getting ready to start soon or still sketching your deck design, it pays to know what your decking options are.

Timber flooring for your deck

When considering what type of timber to use for your new deck there is no hard and fast rule or one size fits all. Timber floors can make your deck look cosier and guest friendly because of the warmth it gives off, relatively easy to maintain and with a little TLC will last for years.

Hardwood_deckingThere are lots of timber options to choose from so you might get confused as to what timber you will use. You can have Blackbutt, Jarrah, Tuart, Marri  ormany other timber boards for your new deck. Most of these timber woods can withstand the harsh Australian weather so don’t worry about exposing them to the great outdoors. Think about how you want to use your deck and what exposure it will have to the rain being blown in and how much sun will reach your deck, then talk to an expert.

Where to find timber for your deck?

When in Bunbury, choose West Coast Timbers. Our timbers are milleddirectly, and no state forest timber is used. We carry a huge range of timbers to suit your specific requirements. Buy directly from the mill – no middleman so you can save money.

Is timber perfect to use for my deck?

Yes, absolutely! A beautiful deck requires timber flooring! For all your decking materials, contact West Coast Timbers at 08 9720 2561 and let’s talk timber!