natural edge timber slab

Finding the perfect natural edge timber slab for your home!

Natural Edged Tan;e from West Coast TimbersYour home is your solace from the stresses of the outside world. That is why, it’s not a surprise to know that most of us are making an effort to decorate our home  – whether it’s a good piece of décor you bought from a local store or a custom made furniture.

Wooden furniture makes the best decoration!

A one off piece like  furniture made from  a natural edged timber slab speaks volumes about the class and character of your home. Unique individually crafted pieces of wooden furniture makes such a positive statement on your home’s décor.  They make your home look more natural and elegant. Nothing beats wooden furniture for warmth, charm and style.

Do you want natural edge timber slabs?

They make the most exquisitely beautiful and individual furniture piece that can be crafted to suit any style of home from miminalist modern to old world heritage charm. Wooden furniture is awesome to look at and make your home fabulous

With wooden furniture, you cannot ask for more!

Natural edge timber slabs – furniture of your dreams

Timber slabs are perfect for large statement furniture like bench tops, counter tops, dining tables, sideboards or entertaining units. There are companies that offers natural edge timber slabs that will look perfect for your home! When looking, you just have to be careful and educate yourself about how to find a good timber slabs.

The perfect furniture is out there, you just have to be resourceful and exert some effort to find what you are looking for. Sometimes, the perfect natural edge timber slabs are just what you are looking for in order to make your home perfect.

But wait, where can you buy real wood furniture?

Consider choosing West Coast Timbers! Buy direct from the mill and cut out the middle man.

If you want a slab that has been kiln dried and matches your taste, you have come at the right place! Here at West Coast Timbers, we offer a variety of timber species including Blackbutt, Tuart, Peppermint and Paperbark to name a few. We custom make furniture to suit your needs and if you like you can even pick the exact slab your new table or furniture piece will be made from.

Finding the perfect natural edge timber slab  for your home!

West Coast Timbers can meet your timber needs – anytime, every time! Call us today for a free inspection of our current stocks and to discuss how to make your dream piece of furniture a  reality.


Jarrah Furniture Is The Perfect Furniture For An Outdoor Lifestyle!

Jarrah Natural Edge Timber SlabWith its deep, rich reddish brown colour, Jarrah timber is just the perfect wood for making beautiful furniture. Jarrah timber is also good for:

  • Flooring
  • Fences
  • Building work

Jarrah wood is a type of hardwood timber which makes it great for outdoor uses.

Why Jarrah outdoor furniture?

With so many options for woods and timbers, why choose furniture made from Jarrah timber? Jarrah is known for its lengthy, straight trunks which contain stunning grain patterns and is a very white ant resistant wood. Jarrah timber is known for its good looks and durability.

Jarrah furniture is perfect for outdoors because it only requires simple maintenance. With a little care, your Jarrah furniture can last a lifetime. Jarrah furniture can be a good investment which won’t need replacing for many years if ever. In fact, when taken care of properly, they will outlast you!

Jarrah furniture is also perfect for indoor use as well with its attractive grains and rich colours.

Maintaining your Jarrah furniture

If you are wondering how often you should oil your Jarrah furniture, this depends on your situation. If you are using it outdoor on a frequent basis, remember to protect it from direct sun and rain when not in use and oil your Jarrah furniture twice a year. If you cover them then oiling it once a year is often enough. The key here is to constantly check your furniture as it will reward you by staying smooth and looking good even when out in the open.

Jarrah furniture is the perfect furniture for an outdoor lifestyle!

Do you want some Jarrah timber for your furniture or looking for readymade Jarrah furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. We have access to Australian hardwood that you can’t find elsewhere else plus a full range of Jarrah. Ring us now to discuss your needs, buy direct from the mill and save.



How to care for your timber decking.

How to care for your timber decking

Fabulous decking, a cut above the restWhen it comes to timber decking it can be quite beautiful and it can really last for a very long time. However, if you don’t care for the timber properly it will wear out and will need to be replaced long before it should be replaced. The best way to make sure you get a long life from your decking is to make follow some simple tips to care for your timber.

  1. Buy Quality
  2. Allow your deck to breather before sealing
  3. Stain – correct product for the job
  4. Yearly maintenance

Buy Quality

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you start with a quality timber decking product. You shouldn’t just buy any timber and assume that it is quality. You need to do some investigating. You should find out if it is pressurized and treated to withstand the elements that it will experience over time as a decking material. If you start with a poor timber product you are already limiting the quality life of your finished deck.

Allow your timber to breath.

Secondly you need to have your new deck installed properly. Most installers and people who deal with timber will recommend that you wait a few days prior to sealing or staining the decking material for the first time. You want to give the timber a little while to breath prior to adding the finish to it.

Correct sealant for the job

The finish you choose can either be a clear sealant or it can be a wood stain. Either way you need to make sure that the product you use to finish of your decking material is right for the job. This means you don’t want to use a stain that is intended for indoor use on an outdoor deck project.

Yearly maintenance

The real key though to promoting a long life of your deck’ is to make sure that the yearly maintenance is carried out. You need to make sure that once a year you have the decking material pressure washed.

Once you have finished cleaning the deck it will be time to once again stain or apply sealant to the deck. You need to stay with the same deck stain colour, clear finish or sealant you used the first time around. It is best to apply fresh stain or sealant after the deck has had at least one day to dry after it was cleaned.

If you follow these simple steps, then your wooden deck will last for a long time to come.

Timber Decking needs in Bunbury

West Coast Timbers supply a range of timbers cut to size for your decking project. Ring to discuss your needs. Don’t settle for near enough when you can have your exact requirement direct from the mill.

Located just north of Bunbury, West Coast Timbers are your local timber mill and we don’t log or mill any state forest timber. We have a larger range of timber varieties than Bunnings so let us know who we can help you with all your timber decking and hard wood timber needs.