Does Jarrah make good furniture?

jarrahYes! Looking for the new furniture for your home?
Whether you’re replacing old furniture or buying for the first time, you can never go wrong with furniture made from Jarrah.

Make your home beautiful with Jarrah furniture

Furniture brings out your home’s beauty, from your favourite chair, tables and that cabinet that makes your home look classy. Wooden furniture has a unique charm and warmth that no other furniture can match. Did you know wooden furniture fits effortlessly into any style of home from heritage to modern, even minimalist?

Which wood to choose?

Why does Jarrah make good furniture?

Does Jarrah make good furniture? Yes. Beautiful furniture is made from quality and durable wood, Jarrah is a straight wood grown locally to suit our conditions. Western Australia is the home to some of the best hardwood in the world which includes Jarrah. Jarrah hardwood is known for crafting beautiful furniture which can last for years.

cabinet1Jarrah makes good furniture because it is easy to work with and has a:

  • Unique colour
  • Excellent durability
  • Resistant to termites
  • Withstand various weather condition
  • Grown locally

Jarrah hardwood has been a popular material for furniture making for years and today is no different. Even with changing technology and new modern materials, Jarrah is still a fabulous wood to make great furniture from and with a little care it will outlast you.

  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Gorgeous

Jarrah is the perfect wood for your furniture, both indoor and outdoor.

coffee TableGetting the ultimate home décor piece of wooden furniture

If you’re looking for a hardwood that you can use inside your home, whether for décor or functional purposes (or both), Western Australia’s Jarrah hardwood is for you. Let your furniture speak for your home, choose furniture made from Jarrah hardwood and make your home the sparkle.

For lovely furniture made from Jarrah, contact West Coast Timbers, we have access to a range of local hardwoods that you can’t find anywhere else. We mill our own timber and can turn them into beautiful pieces of furniture. Ring us on 08 9720 2561 or visit our showroom to check our latest design collections.


Where to Buy Jarrah Flooring Timber in Bunbury?

jarrah_flooringSearching for the quality Jarrah timber floors in Bunbury? West Coast Timbers is the place you are looking for.

Five great reasons to buy Jarrah timber floors from us:

  1. Good for allergies
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Durable and long lasting
  4. Attractive and suits many styles of home
  5. Great for children

Good for Allergies

Say goodbye to allergies as Jarrah timber flooring is an allergen proof floor. If you are asthmatic or allergy sufferer, this is the perfect choice for you as Jarrah timber doesn’t harbour dust mites, allergens or other bacteria that can cause health problems. Breathe in the fresh scent of your new flooring.

Easy to clean

Hardly have any time to clean? Sweep, mop or vacuum then you’re done! It’s an easy and quick way you can be assured that your floor is dirt free. You can go about your business immediately as it can be cleaned in minutes saving you time and money.

Durable and long lasting

Made from strong materials, Jarrah is a hard wood, so you don’t have to worry too much about wear and tear as it can dry quickly after mopping and is durable. Jarrah floor has a gorgeous look all year round, warm in winter and cool in summer.

jarrahIf looked after, scratches and dents will be kept to a minimum and not be visible in the flooring. Jarrah is known as the very hard and excellent wood type of wood for flooring. If you have pets, timber flooring can be the best choice.

Attractive and Suits Many styles of Home

Jarrah has a lovely rich red colour and is perfect for many styles of homes from heritage to contemporary right through to minimalist. Jarrah flooring can be a word of art in its own right. Quality Jarrah flooring will last for many many years and probably out live you.

Great for children

No need to send your children to their playroom to make them comfortable. Let them play on the Jarrah timber flooring as it is cosy and hygienic;there is no need to worry about any dust or dirt causing irritations.

They will love the ambience all year round, whether it is winter or summer, as timber is a great insulator. You can also place rugs to protect the flooring and make the most of it for years to come.

Where to buy Jarrah timber floors in Bunbury

Visit West Coast Timbers for great flooring timber; we are the mill so no middleman. We offer affordable prices on high quality wood flooring, ring West Coast Timbers now on 08 9720 2561 for a free quote and to discuss your needs.


Where to get the best hardwood supply in Bunbury?

marri floor board tableDo you think Marri floorboards look lovely? Are you looking for gorgeous Tuart wood for your home flooring or perhaps a gorgeous dark Blackbutt? Whether you want hardwood for your flooring, piece to finish / start a DIY project or to make lovely furniture, West Coast Timbers has the hardwood solution for you.

Lovely hardwoods you can’t find elsewhere!

West Coast Timbers supplies a large rang of Australian hardwoods to different timber users. Whether to use for flooring or furniture making purposes, we will have the exact piece of timber you are looking for. We know how that right piece of hardwood can make a big difference and want to make your life easier by providing you with the best quality of hardwood.

We supply hardwood timber, raw edge boards, logs and products based on our customer’s individual needs.

Do you need your timber to be cut to size? We cut timber to your exact requirements and sizes not just what fits in the stores racks. West Coast Timbers have onsite machining facilities which means, we mill our own logs so we can deliver hardwood of consistent quality at a competitive price! If you have a log that needs milling, we can do that too.

Where to get the best hardwood supply in Bunbury?

Best timber supplies in Bunbury, where else but West Coast Timbers! We know how hardwood can make your home lovely or make your furniture looks special and classy. With the right hardwood supply, you can create that effect you want for your home. West Coast Timbers will provide you with your timber and hardwood needs – jus tell us what you want.

Be it planks, boards or any sizes, we can make it available for you, to discuss your needs with us, contact West Coast Timbers at 08 9720 2561. We’ll provide you with solutions for all your hardwood problems. Don’t waste your time with other hardwood suppliers. Buy direct from the mill and save. Ring us today!


Where to find timber flooring supply?

Solid wood floorboardsFor a classic look that can last a lifetime, a timber floor is perfect for your home. Warmth, unique grain pattern and that elegant look never goes out of style! Timber flooring also gives you a variety of options of colour and board width. Timber floors can be made from many different kinds of hardwood; here are 4 great Western Australian options

  • Marri
  • Tuart
  • Jarrah
  • Blackbutt

Locally grown for local conditions WA timber is the perfect choice for your home.

Timber flooring supply

Already decided to install timber flooring yourself but now where to buy?

The first step towards having a timber floor is look for a store that offers timber floor supply. When in Bunbury, contact West Coast Timbers. We offer timber solutions perfect for you, solid hardwood flooring, decking, different wood types, colours and cost. From light yellow to deep brown, we have it for you. Our timber supplies are cut and process in our own mill so rest assured that you can get the best deal for your money. Great timbers for your flooring at an affordable price!

Purchase the quantity you want

Whether you are looking for a small amount of flooring to do a repair or a whole house, at West Coast Timbers you can buy the exact quantity you want from one board to many. We have a large range of timbers so chances are we will have exactly what you are looking for.

We don’t use state forest timbers in our mill.

Where to find timber flooring supply?

West Coast Timbers is the perfect timber one stop shop for you, our timber products are of highest quality ensuring your floor will be the showcase of your home.

Looking for local grown Australian hardwood? Ring us today to discuss your needs.  We can also custom cut your timber to your specific needs. Call West Coast Timbers at Binningup just north of Bunbury today.


What’s the best type of hardwood to use as flooring?

Marri  FloorBoardsIf you’re thinking of installing or replacing your hardwood floor, you might need some help. There’s a variety of hardwood flooring available today and you’ll realise that most of them are beautiful and worthy of your money. Which one should you go for and why?

Choosing the type of hardwood floor that best fits your space can be tough but should be done properly in order to achieve the kind of look and feel you want for your home. Before anything else, you should know that wood flooring comes in three types and not all are hardwood:

  • Solid wood flooring (real hardwood)
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Acrylic impregnated wood flooring

Don’t get confused! Wood flooring “types” are different from the wood variety that you should choose. When you are looking for the best type of hardwood to use as flooring, you should get familiar with the type of wood varieties where you will base your options.

Hardwood is solid wood, real wood, the way it grew on a tree. Hardwood flooring – real wood has been used in homes for 100’s of years.

Wood varieties to choose from

Luckily, there are many hardwood trees that are grown in Australia on which you can use as flooring. The best thing about local grown trees is that they are accessible and are durable as they are resistant to the harsh Australian climate. Below are the lists of hardwood trees that you can consider:

  • Jarrah
  • Blackbutt
  • Marri
  • Tuart

These hardwoods are great for flooring as they are all durable, gorgeous colours and have lovely patterns which can create a unique and elegant look for your floor.

When choosing the perfect hardwood to use as flooring, consider the type of look you want. For example, light wood maybe more appropriate for a casual setting while dark wood blends itself to more formal surroundings, old style homes or just when you want real class.

Need help with your choices? Contact West Coast Timbers for professional advice. We can make sure you get your home the right type of hardwood. We also offer hardwood that you can’t find anywhere else. We mill our own timber so you can even see the log your flooring is coming from if you like.

Real Wood for Real West Australian Homes

Ring West Coast Timbers for all your flooring needs.


Jarrah Furniture Is The Perfect Furniture For An Outdoor Lifestyle!

Jarrah Natural Edge Timber SlabWith its deep, rich reddish brown colour, Jarrah timber is just the perfect wood for making beautiful furniture. Jarrah timber is also good for:

  • Flooring
  • Fences
  • Building work

Jarrah wood is a type of hardwood timber which makes it great for outdoor uses.

Why Jarrah outdoor furniture?

With so many options for woods and timbers, why choose furniture made from Jarrah timber? Jarrah is known for its lengthy, straight trunks which contain stunning grain patterns and is a very white ant resistant wood. Jarrah timber is known for its good looks and durability.

Jarrah furniture is perfect for outdoors because it only requires simple maintenance. With a little care, your Jarrah furniture can last a lifetime. Jarrah furniture can be a good investment which won’t need replacing for many years if ever. In fact, when taken care of properly, they will outlast you!

Jarrah furniture is also perfect for indoor use as well with its attractive grains and rich colours.

Maintaining your Jarrah furniture

If you are wondering how often you should oil your Jarrah furniture, this depends on your situation. If you are using it outdoor on a frequent basis, remember to protect it from direct sun and rain when not in use and oil your Jarrah furniture twice a year. If you cover them then oiling it once a year is often enough. The key here is to constantly check your furniture as it will reward you by staying smooth and looking good even when out in the open.

Jarrah furniture is the perfect furniture for an outdoor lifestyle!

Do you want some Jarrah timber for your furniture or looking for readymade Jarrah furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. We have access to Australian hardwood that you can’t find elsewhere else plus a full range of Jarrah. Ring us now to discuss your needs, buy direct from the mill and save.