Firewood – Sold Out for 2016

Firewood sold out for 2016West Coast Timbers firewood has sold so fast this year that we have already sold out.

We have had a wonderful response with our firewood supplies selling very quickly this year. Lots of people have been traveling down from Perth, having a picnic and making a day out of getting the firewood they need. Absolute Win Win!They get a great outing escaping the city, as well as high quality ready to burn firewood;also saving money too. Even with the cost of traveling down to Binningup (near Bunbury) with your trailer, you will still get better quality firewood for a cheaper price than you can get locally in Perth.

West Coast Timbers firewood doesn’t contain rot, bark or charcoal and is dry clean wood ready to burn. Having a mix of jarrah mill ends and bush wood it is the perfect combination for you and makes for great burning. By buying our firewood you are helping the environment by recycling the left over wood from the mill and bush wood that is too small to be milled.

We give you a range of pre-split sizes to fit into your average size firebox which means less chopping for you, so easy. Keeping warm with a wood fire is the perfect way to create a cosy home in the cold winter months. Great for the environment and wonderful for you too, West Coast Timbers firewood will save you money and time.

Dry firewood will be available for you next year

All our timber comes from development sites or private property; we don’t use any state forest timber at all. Because our timber is seasoned and dry ready to burn you don’t have to store it over the summer, saving you time and space. Come and see you next year when we have new dry stock ready for you to buy.

Firewood – Sold Out for 2016

Please revisit our firewood page from May 2017, when next year’s supply will be available.


Why you should not burn unseasoned firewood?

burning woodOne of the best ways to reduce your energy bills is to find an alternative way to heat your home during the cold season. One of the most common alternative ways is burning firewood. It is a great idea; however, make sure you choose your firewood carefully. In case you didn’t know, unseasoned firewood is readily available but it is not a good option at all.

What is unseasoned firewood?

Not all firewood is the same. While some wood is ready to use straight away and providing heat for your home, some firewood doesn’t. Unseasoned firewood is firewood that is not yet ready to use. It still needs more time to be seasoned properly before it can be used. It might be much cheaper but it doesn’t provide the same amount of heat. Unseasoned firewood is also called greenwood which means, it hasn’t yet been dried properly.

Why stay away from unseasoned firewood?

Dry Firewood for sale near BunburyIt’s attractive because it is much cheaper, but unseasoned firewood uses its energy to remove the remaining moisture from the wood, rather than warming your home. Did you know that the smoke produced by unseasoned firewood can create creosote and leave deposits on your walls? This can cause long term problems in your home as well as being very unhealthy for you. Getting rid of the black stain or creosote can be a tough job too, wasting your precious time.

Unseasoned firewood is also difficult to light. With properly seasoned firewood, it’s easier to start a fire and start producing the heat. To make your life easier, stay away from unseasoned firewood. When choosing firewood, choose wisely – look at the firewood closely and look for the signs of properly seasoned firewood. A quick tip – the drier the wood, the better it will burn.

Why you should not burn unseasoned firewood?

For well-seasoned firewood, contact West Coast Timbers. Our firewood is properly seasoned and is ready to use anytime. Ring us today, drop by our store and check out our affordable firewood prices. We are located just outside of Bunbury near Binningup and hope to see you soon.




What makes firewood a good choice?

firewood burningWhen the nights are cold, wouldn’t it be comforting to have some warmth? To warm up your home, a heater is the easy fix– switch it on and it’s instantly warm. However, as nice as it is, a heater also comes with higher energy bills every month. Is there another way to warm up your home without using your heater? Good news, there is!

Firewood is the answer

Burning firewood is one of the oldest ways to keep your house warm. Not only does firewood create a great atmosphere inside your home, but the dancing flame and the orange light can keep you snug during a cold night. Plus, it can create a cosy feeling inside, perfect for those long wintery evenings. Teamed up with a cuppa, you can be relaxing comfortably while enjoying the warm feeling your fire gives off.

Why use firewood?

Heaters are a common item inside a home so why opt for firewood? Once you turn your heater off, the heat doesn’t stay around for long. However, when using a fire – your furnishings absorb the warmth and your house stays warmer for much longer.

Firewood can significantly decrease your energy billsTrailer of dry firewood

If you put that heater in storage, you can expect a cheaper energy bill every month. Your outlay for the firewood is no comparison to paying expensive bills.This way you spend your money on more important things.

They are more environmentally friendly

Firewood is carbon neutral; when you burn it, no extra carbon dioxide is being released into the air. In fact, if the firewood is left to decompose naturally, it may actually release more carbon dioxide than when it is burnt.

What makes firewood a good choice?

Firewood is a cheaper way to keep your home warm and it is also good for the environment. Should you need to stock up on your firewood, then contact West Coast Timbers. We sell quality, well seasoned firewood at an affordable price.




Where can I buy the best firewood in Bunbury?

burning firewoodSearching for that quality firewood to beat the chilly weather? Get the best firewood here at West Coast Timbers. We sell firewood of the highest quality.

Top 4 reasons to buy firewood at West Coast Timbers:

  1. Local company
  2. Clean wood
  3. Additional wood pieces
  4. Cost effective

Local company

Nothing makes you feel more assured than knowing that firewood is sold near your area. West Coast Timbers is your local wood manufacturer in Bunbury and we endeavour to provide you with hygienic and safe firewood.

It is best to have your firewood bought from a local company to avoid non native insects hitchhiking on the wood. Ideal firewood should be bought few kilometres away from your place to save you time and money.

Clean woods

All the wood we sell is dry, seasoned and split to standard sizes that suits your average sized firebox. Most important of all, the wood we sell is clean, which ensures you can keep warm without needing to breathe in toxic substances, as we ensure the wood has no bark, rot or charcoal.

Trailer of dry firewoodAdditional wood pieces

Want to stay up all night or have a bonfire? Bring your truck with you, so we can fill it with firewood with additional wood pieces such as Tuart or Marri, perfect for burning overnight. We want to ensure you get the best services to satisfy your needs.

Cost effective

Firewood prices do vary with their quality but we, at West Coast Timbers, sell the most affordable firewood to maximise your investment. You will never go home disappointed as we will ensure you get exactly what you deserve.

Where can I buy the best firewood in Bunbury?

Only here at West Coast Timbers.

For all enquiries, call us on 9720 2561 to discuss your needs and book an appointment for inspection. Ring us now for a free quote.


How to identify good firewood

Trailer of dry firewoodAre you using firewood to heat your home? Great! To get the most out of any fire you should get good quality firewood and it is important to know how to identify it.

Seasoned wood is better!

There are lots of different types of firewood available, and people debate over which is the best type to use. However whatever type of wood is available, choose seasoned wood. Seasoned wood is timber that has been left to dry for 12- 18 months, so the moisture content is below 20%.

The lower moisture content means that the wood will burn better and not smoulder, efficiently heating up your room.

Seasoned wood also offers:

  • High quality combustion
  • More heat
  • Less smoke
  • Less production of tar

How to spot a good seasoned wood?

Dry Firewood for sale near BunburyNow that you know that seasoned timber or woods are better, you would want to know how to spot a seasoned timber. Here’s what you should follow:

  • Check the end part of the timber. If it’s dark in colour and cracked, it is dry and good to use.
  • Try lifting the wood. Dry woods are lightweight so when you can carry it with ease, it’s perfect.
  • Hit two pieces together. If it makes a hollow sound, your firewood is of great quality.
  • When the bark is hard to peel, it’s not properly dried yet, so stay away from that firewood.

How to identify good firewood

There are many different types of firewood – the key here is to find a good local supplier that could offer you quality, dried firewood. When in Bunbury, contact West Coast Timbers. We have firewood, properly dried to make your cold evenings warmer. Ring us today for a free quote.



Where to buy cheap firewood in Bunbury?

Firewood for sale near BunburyWhen the weather is cold, burning firewood is a good way to make your home cosy and warm. It’s also cheap and who doesn’t love watching a fire – it keeps you company during cold chilly nights!

Buying cheap firewood

Is your supply of firewood running low? Don’t let your stock runs out especially when the cold weather is here.The easiest way to top up your firewood supply is to buy it.

Where to buy firewood in Bunbury?

When buying firewood, there are 3 things you should look for – dryness, the wood’s species and the quantity being sold. The price of firewood depends on these things.

For cheap firewood in Bunbury, don’t look any further than West Coast Timbers. Here at West Coast Timbers, we sell cheap good quality firewood to keep you warm all winter long.

Our firewood doesn’t contain bark, rot or charcoal. Clean firewood ready to be burn anytime you want! Our firewood is predominantly Jarrah but – Tuart or Marri are also available upon request. Great for long slow burns.

Bring in your own trailer, our firewood to fit 6 x 4 trailer and is only $100!

Where to buy cheap firewood in Bunbury?

What are you waiting for? Drive to West Coast Timbers today, bring your trailer and we will fill it up with quality firewood and then you can get ready for the long, chilly winter nights ahead. Easy, cheap and quality firewood only here at West Coast Timber!

Call West Coast Timber at 9720 2561 to place your order, we are located at Binningup just a short drive north of Bunbury. Get your quality, clean firewood, the easy way.



5 Things You Might Not Know About Firewood

Trailer of dry firewoodYou may be confused about some aspects of firewood. Read the following 5 things you might not know about firewood which will put your mind at ease.

  1. Are they going to ban wood heaters?
  2. How do I know if the wood is dry enough to burn?
  3. Why is my neighbour’s chimney smoking?
  4. What is sustainable firewood?
  5. What is the best firewood?

Are they going to ban wood heaters?

There have been some restrictions on wood heaters in recent years and some local councils have restricted wood heater installations but this is unlikely to be a widespread practice. In fact, wood heaters are becoming more popular as it is a cost effective method of heating especially as energy and utility costs continue to rise.

Councils will have no reason to ban wood heaters as long as users operate them responsibly and large amounts of smoke are not emitted.

How do I know if the wood is dry enough to burn?

You can test wood with an electrical resistance moisture meter to work out if it is dry enough to burn. Or, simply, split a piece in half and if the middle is darker than the outside the wood is still wet and needs more time for drying.

You can also compare the weight of dry and wet wood as the wet wood will feel heavier. The lighter the wood, the drier it is.

Why is my neighbour’s chimney smoking?

The most common cause for this is the incorrect use of a slow combustion heater causing incomplete combustion of gasses which causes smoke. Air vents need to be left open for at least 15 minutes after adding wood to ensure that fire is hot enough to completely combust gasses, thus preventing smoke.

Your neighbour may also be burning green wood or have a blocked chimney which will restrict the air flow that is cooling the fire below to the right temperature. You will not see any smoke from chimney if the fire is operating properly.

What is sustainable firewood?

According to The Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council Firewood Task Force environmentally acceptable firewood should be a residue or by-product from sustainably managed forests and plantations or from wood processing operations.

If you are collecting your own firewood it should be from an area that has government authorisation and if collecting on private property it should be collected in accordance with environmental guidelines. Yes firewood is sustainable.

What is the best firewood?

In Western Australia, Jarrah is the best firewood.The quality of the firewood depends on your location as each species has its own properties of burning rate, flame and ash generation.

5 FAQ’s about firewood

For enquiries contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your timber needs. We offer a large range of firewood to suit your needs. Ring us today!



Is burning firewood bad for the environment?

Dry Firewood for sale near BunburyNeed to keep warm this winter but concerned about polluting the environment?

No need to worry! Read these 3 points and see how firewood is surprisingly good for the environment.

  1. Releases less carbon dioxide
  2. Greenhouse positive
  3. Carbon sequestration

Releases less carbon dioxide

A study of the greenhouse gas emissions of firewood by CSIRO in 2003 shows that firewood releases less carbon dioxide than other heating energy sources which means burning wood is safe for your health and the environment.

Greenhouse positive

Firewood from plantations is greenhouse positive because the carbon is sequestered in the tree’s root mass. All carbon that is produced during firewood combustion is reabsorbed by trees so they can grow further.

The fossil fuels used to process and transport the wood are the only cause of an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Firewood doesn’t destroy the atmosphere.  Hydro stations and solar collectorscan have an adverse effect as they create carbon pollution during their construction phase.

Carbon sequestration

Firewood is best to help lower greenhouse gas emissions by substituting the use of fossil fuels. You can enjoy a warm winter with a lovely ambiance in your home by simply lighting your wood fire. Surprisingly, you can save the earth by burning firewood at home!

Is burning firewood bad for the environment?

Absolutely not! Firewood can be your best winter warmer and money saver as it reduces your reliance on electric heaters to keep you warm during the cold season of winter and early spring. Burn firewood now and be part of saving our planet!

Searching for good quality, affordable firewood?

Contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your firewood requirements.We are a wood mill and guarantee you professional service. Ring us today!.


5 Firewood FAQ’s

Trailer of dry firewoodFirewood is the great for heating you during this winter.

Here are 5 of the frequently asked questions about firewood:

1.If you buy green wood, is it heavier than dry wood?
2.Will buying green wood or wet wood, cost you more?
3.What is the most popular firewood in Western Australia?
4.What are the things to consider in buying firewood?
5.How should I store firewood to prevent bugs attacking it?

If you buy green wood, is it heavier than dry wood?

Yes. Unseasoned or green wood is heavier than dry wood because it contains a lot of moisture (water). If the wood is heavy and has sap leaking out of it then it is not time to burn it. Burning green wood will waste your time waiting long hours to let the water evaporate and dry out enough to give you the heat you are looking for.

To know whether the wood is seasoned, knock two logs together. The logs are seasoned if you hear a sharp ringing sound, cracked on the ends, and doesn’t have that real woody smell.

Will buying green wood or wet wood, cost you more?

Yes, if you buy wood by weight then green wood or wet wood will cost you more because it weighs more than dry wood. Then you will have to store it for a least a season before you can use it.

Will I burn hard or soft wood?

You can burn either of the two. Just make sure that the wood is dry and seasoned. If you want hotter smouldering coals for longer time, burn hard firewood like oak, locust or hickory. For short fires, use soft maple, birch, any soft firewood.

What is the most popular firewood in Western Australia?

Jarrah is the most popular firewood in Western Australia, it is easy to burn and you can buy it locally at West Coast Timbers. At West Coast Timbers we also sell Tuart and Marri if you would like to add a slow burning wood to keep the heat in your house all night long.

How should I store firewood to prevent bugs attacking it?

Construct proper firewood storage to protect the firewood as well as your home from termites and other pests. Locate your storage at least 3 metres from the house to keep pests away. Place logs 15 centimeters off the ground to avoid infestation. Make sure your wood is cover or in a shed to prevent it getting wet.

5 Firewood FAQ’s

Feel free to ask West Coast Timbers about your firewood.

We sell quality Jarrah Firewood at $90 a trailer load, pre-split convenient size to fit your average size firebox. Clean firewood ready to burn, Jarrah mill ends and bush wood, all wood is seasoned and dried ready to go. Firewood loads that are nicely sizedhand split good quality wood, ready to burn and keep you warm.

Call us today on 9720 2561, bring your trailer and pick up a load of wood the easy way.


Best place to buy firewood near Bunbury?

Dry Firewood for sale near BunburyNeed to buy firewood now the weather is getting cold but don’t know where to buy it in Bunbury? Your search is over. West Coast Timbers is your best place for all your fire wood needs.

3 reasons to buy firewood at West Coast Timbers:

  1. High quality
  2. Saves time
  3. Affordable

High quality

Need to keep warm air this winter? You don’t need to worry about wet and green woods that are hard to burn. You can instantly heat up your winter by burning our dry ready to burn firewood.

We only sell dry wood, seasoned and pre-split convenient size to fit in most fire boxes. High quality firewood ready to keep you warm this winter.

Want to keep the heat in overnight? Our firewood loads usually contain a few pieces of Tuart or Marri which are slow burning perfect to maintain a warm air inside your house overnight.

Saves time

Living in Bunbury or surrounding area? Save time by getting your firewood right from West Coast Timbers at Binningup on 30km north of Bunbury. Bring your own trailer and get a 6 x 4 trailer loads of wood for sale for only $90. Dry split firewood ready to dump your trailer in less than 10 minutes; fast and easy!

Don’t need to dry your firewood to prepare for burning as we don’t sell wet and green wood perfect to save you time!


Want to save money? Buy your firewood here at West Coast Timbers as we sell dry woods making you pay less than buying wet and green woods that are more expensive. Buying wet woods means you are paying for water as it contain excess water that is unnecessary and green hard to burn so you will have to store it to dry it out before use.

Best place to buy firewood near Bunbury?

At West Coast Timbers of course.
Good quality cheap firewood? Contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your firewood needs.