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Are solid wooden furniture pieces worth your money?

Wooden Table by West Coast TimbersAre you looking for the right furniture for your home? Then perhaps you are contemplating if you should go for wooden furniture or not. It’s a common concern for homeowners. With many lower end, metal or plastics option for furniture, you start to wonder if the extra cost of solid wooden furniture is worth it.

Are solid wooden furniture pieces worth your money?

Yes and here’s why

  • Appeal, character and feel
  • Beautiful and elegant
  • Long lasting
  • Quality

Solid wooden furniture

You cannot deny the classic appeal of wooden furniture pieces. They are beautiful and elegant to look at. They can bring a feel of classic and quality décor to your home. Transforming your home from ordinary to gorgeous made easy, just use wooden furniture – simple and quick. Beautiful wooden furniture can be a lifetime investment.

Is solid wooden furniture really expensive?

If you are solely concerned about the price, No!

Solid wooden furniture can initially cost you more compared to other furniture made from other materials. However, as time goes on, solid wooden furniture can prove to be a money saver. Why, it’s durability and superior quality can last for really a long time – no more replacing your furniture over and over.

Wood furniture can fit into many different home décor styles and even when you change the style of your room your gorgeous wooden furniture will still suit perfectly.

While lower end product may offer cheaper prices, they can also sacrificed quality. What you save in the short term may end up costing you more in the future on replacement costs and your time.

Solid wooden furniture is the best

Well built solid wooden furniture is durable and built to last for generations. It can withstand the daily wear and tear and requires minimal maintenance. If it starts to show it’sage, you can restore it and be back to its beautiful state. With lasting beauty solid wood furniture will be in  your family for years to come, solid wooden furniture is proven to be more economical in the long run.

Why go for another option? Beautiful, classic and economical, solid wooden furniture is right for you.

Looking for beautiful wooden furniture for your home? Contact West Coast Timbers for your needs. We offer extensive choices for different solid wood furniture options to fit your bedroom, kitchen and outdoor areas. We also do custom made furniture. No matter what your dream design, we’re here to help you. Ring us now and let’s discuss your needs.



How to clean wood furniture properly

burl table with flower box underneathCleaning wood furniture can seem a bit scary but it’s not.
Preventing dust build up with a great idea for the health of your family and to help prevent allergies.

Ways to clean your wood furniture properly:

  1. Dust the surfaces
  2. Don’t use spray polish
  3. Vacuum regularly

Dust the surfaces

Regularly dust the wood furniture by using soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using feather dusters as they often have sharp quills that may cause scratches on the wood surface and are not always effective in removing dirt. Make sure to follow the direction of the grain to prevent the build-up of grime.

Don’t use spray polish

Never use spray polish as it can dull your wood furniture. Spray polish will simply give you that fragrant of a clean smell but not actually remove any dirt.

Stay hygienic by regularly checking every corner of your furniture to maintain dust free air rather than spreading the fragrant smell of spray polish that contains chemical which can cause health problems. Silicon sprays add a coating to wood which over time can cause the wood to deteriorate.

Tv Cabinet 1Vacuum regularly

Tidy away any build-up of grime that will damage your furniture over a periods of time. Vacuuming can deep clean your furniture removing dirt particles that have been caught in the edges of your furniture.

How to clean wood furniture properly!

Follow the steps to achieve the best results.
Need to buy wood furniture, contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 see our furniture displays and make an appointment. We also do custom made furniture where you can even choose the wood your furniture will be made from.

Call West Coast Timbers today, we are just north of Bunbury.


Does Jarrah make good furniture?

jarrahYes! Looking for the new furniture for your home?
Whether you’re replacing old furniture or buying for the first time, you can never go wrong with furniture made from Jarrah.

Make your home beautiful with Jarrah furniture

Furniture brings out your home’s beauty, from your favourite chair, tables and that cabinet that makes your home look classy. Wooden furniture has a unique charm and warmth that no other furniture can match. Did you know wooden furniture fits effortlessly into any style of home from heritage to modern, even minimalist?

Which wood to choose?

Why does Jarrah make good furniture?

Does Jarrah make good furniture? Yes. Beautiful furniture is made from quality and durable wood, Jarrah is a straight wood grown locally to suit our conditions. Western Australia is the home to some of the best hardwood in the world which includes Jarrah. Jarrah hardwood is known for crafting beautiful furniture which can last for years.

cabinet1Jarrah makes good furniture because it is easy to work with and has a:

  • Unique colour
  • Excellent durability
  • Resistant to termites
  • Withstand various weather condition
  • Grown locally

Jarrah hardwood has been a popular material for furniture making for years and today is no different. Even with changing technology and new modern materials, Jarrah is still a fabulous wood to make great furniture from and with a little care it will outlast you.

  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Gorgeous

Jarrah is the perfect wood for your furniture, both indoor and outdoor.

coffee TableGetting the ultimate home décor piece of wooden furniture

If you’re looking for a hardwood that you can use inside your home, whether for décor or functional purposes (or both), Western Australia’s Jarrah hardwood is for you. Let your furniture speak for your home, choose furniture made from Jarrah hardwood and make your home the sparkle.

For lovely furniture made from Jarrah, contact West Coast Timbers, we have access to a range of local hardwoods that you can’t find anywhere else. We mill our own timber and can turn them into beautiful pieces of furniture. Ring us on 08 9720 2561 or visit our showroom to check our latest design collections.


4 Tips on cleaning wood furniture properly

cabinetNeed to get rid of allergens and pollutants from your home? Start by cleaning your wooden furniture. Here are some tips in keeping your wood furniture clean and help make your home healthy!

Ways to clean your wood furniture properly:

  1. Use lint-free cloths
  2. Don’t use chemical sprays
  3. Use a mix of vinegar and water
  4. Dust regularly

Use lint-free cloths

Use soft, lint-free cloths to dust your furniture. Feather dusters are not a good idea because the sharp quills can scratch on the wood’s surface and are not very good at removing the dirt. Follow the direction of the wood grain to prevent the build-up of dust.

Coffee Table with a sea themeDon’t use chemical sprays

Don’t use chemical spray polish as they are not good your wood furniture. Spray polish will simply give you that “clean” fragrant smell but will not benefit the wood furniture or remove the dirt.

Keep your home fresh and hygienic by regularly cleaning of your furniture to maintain a dust free environment rather than spreading the fragrant smell of spray polish that contains chemical which can cause health problems.

Mix vinegar and water

Strong vinegar can harm the surface of your furniture. Mix drops of vinegar with a cup of water then dip your cloth into the solution and wring it out. Make sure not to apply too much solution on the surfaces as over wetting can cause water damage.

You can use this solution as an alternative cleaning agent. White vinegar is great for cutting grease, odours, stains and the build-up of grime.

Dust regularly

Tidy away any buildup dust that will damage your furniture after a period of time, especially in corners and edges of your furniture. Deep clean your furniture with the small brush on your vacuum cleaning toremove all allergens that can get caught in the nooks of your furniture.

How to clean wood furniture properly!

Use these tips to keep your furniture looking awesome and your house healthy.
Looking for a new wooden furniture piece?
Contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your needs and view our current furniture range.



Wooden furniture care tips this winter!

cabinetWhether you have just bought a new piece of wooden furniture or the set you have is several years old, you’ll want to keep it looking at its best. If caring for your wooden furniture is your concern, all the more it is wise to know caring tips this winter.

Winter care for your wooden furniture

To keep your wooden furniture functional and beautiful through the years, you have to maintain it. The first key towards wooden furniture care is to clean it regularly. Cleaning it regularly will preserve its beauty and prevent dirt accumulation.

Winter is the time of the year when the temperature drops and we turn on the heater or use the fire to keep warm, this warm air can be very drying to our furniture. Wooden furniture is as vulnerable dry air as it can be to moisture and dampness. They can be easily damaged. The good news is you can keep your wooden furniture at its best state – even during winter!

Here are some winter tips that you can follow:

Tip #1: Put it in the right place

Your furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight or hot air blasts of your heater. In winter, exposing your furniture to cold might also cause the wood to expand and contract damaging its beauty. When positioned near a window, be sure to close your window when the air begins to cool and dampen. By drawing the curtains or blinds once it gets dark you prevent the heat from your home escaping out the glass of the window and the cold rushing in.

Tip #2: Wipe spills away immediately!

If water or other liquid is spilt on your furniture, wipe it up immediately? Keeping your furniture dry in a must, don’t throw your wet jacket over the back of a wooden chair. Make sure to dry up your furniture if any spills occur.

Tip #3: Use water proof treatment

Wooden furniture can be treated or oiled. During winter, your best choice is to check your furniture’s surface and see if it needs reapplying. Oiling or treating your furniture will make them water resistant and less likely to be damaged by a spill.

Wooden furniture care tips this winter!

Follow this winter care tips and maintain your wooden furniture and you will be able to enjoy them for many years to come.

Need to shop for wooden furniture? Contact West Coast Timbers. Call us now and get your free quote today.


What kind of wooden furniture do you sell?

Side Table on CoastersWant to add some personality to your room? Want something to make your space more welcoming, comfortable and stylish? Wooden furniture can do it for you. Wooden furniture is a real charmer which can make your home extra fabulous.

Wooden furniture

Well, there is a lot of furniture and they are made from different materials. Furniture can be made of plastic, aluminium, fabric or steel but wooden furniture stands out from the rest. With its rich colour, unique grain and pattern, wooden furniture can enhance the appearance of your home like no other type of furniture can give off warmth and comfortable feel.

Looking for wooden furniture?

Whether you are looking for wooden furniture to decorate your home or want one special piece, choose West Coast Timbers. We are your wooden furniture specialist located just north of Bunbury but don’t worry if you are not local, we can freight all over Australia.

Here at West Coast Timbers, we offer different kinds of hand crafted furniture made and design by our experts using Australian hardwood timber. Yes, our furniture is made from superior quality materials timber which means, they can last for really a long time.

What kind of wooden furniture do you sell?

We offer wooden furniture made from a varieties Australian timbers like Jarrah, Marri, Blackbutt and many more. Our range of wooden furniture is from small wooden furniture pieces up to larger functional furniture such as coffee tables, chairs and cabinets.

We also offer custom made furniture so if you have a specific furniture design in your mind or a spot you want to fill, give us a call and discuss your needs.

We don’t use any state forest timber in our mills; you’re in the right hand with us. By direct from the mill and save.

West Coast Timbers call us on 08 9720 2561 to make an appointment to visit our showroom for our latest furniture design or to discuss your furniture requirements.



Debunking the common myths about wooden furniture

Lovely Solid Wood Table from West Coast TimbersWe all know that wooden furniture looks lovely. It has that rich colour that gives off a warm feeling. Every home with wooden furniture exudes charm and elegance. However, some homeowners are hesitant to choose wooden furniture. It’s not because they don’t agree with the timelessness of wooden furniture. It’s because they have heard all of these wooden furniture myths– and they’re not sure if they are true or not.

Wooden furniture myths

These myths might be common, but it doesn’t mean they are true. Here are some myths about wooden furniture and you might also think some sound very familiar:

  • Wooden furniture is not eco friendly
  • Wooden furniture is difficult to maintain
  • Wooden furniture is expensive

fishtankBaseWooden Furniture Is Not Eco Friendly

Just because they are made of wood, doesn’t mean they are not helping the environment? That is not true – wooden furniture does come from trees but these trees are harvested and cut down because they have matured.Often, these trees are grown in plantations or from development sites where the trees are being removed. If the trees from development sites and roadworks are not used, in wooden furniture or flooring then the timber would be wasted and that would not be environmentally friendly.

Wooden Furniture Is Difficult To Maintain

This is probably the most common lie told about wooden furniture. Would furniture isn’t difficult to maintain but it does require a little bit maintenance. The wood has natural oils that protect the furniture and let it age gracefully over time these oils need to be replaced and sealed in.

brrl table with flower box underneath $4500.00Wooden Furniture Is Expensive

Why choose wooden furniture when there is a cheaper alternative? You get what you pay for; cheaper furniture will often  warp, crack or break. Wooden furniture will often outlast you and can endure daily wear and tear. With proper care, wooden furniture will be a once off buy and with proper care can pretty much last forever. It may cost a little bit in comparison to plastic furniture but eventually the extra cost will pay off and think of the time saving not having to buy new furniture every few years.

Debunking the common myths about wooden furniture

Have you heard these myths before? Now you know these aren’t real and just pure misconceptions about wooden furniture – what are you waiting for?

For lovely pieces of wooden furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. We have a variety of furniture – hand made and customised furniture, waiting for you to choose from. Ring West Coast Timbers today to make an appointment to see all of our wonderful furniture or to discuss your exact needs.


Everything about wooden furniture that you need to know!

Solid Wood Table by West Coast TimbersDo you often wonder why wooden furniture is simply irresistible?

What makes it so unique and such a classic piece?

That is because when a hardwood is used, every board tells its own story. No 2 pieces will ever look the same – that is the real beauty of wooden furniture. Wooden furniture reflects a uniqueness that no other furniture can match it.

  • Wooden furniture is unique
  • Hardwood colour variations
  • Don’t accept a synthetic substitute!

Wooden furniture is unique

It takes many years for a tree to reach its full maturity before they are cut down and make it into some awesome pieces of furniture. Each tree has a unique grain pattern and texture. When manufactured, the individual boards and timbers will reflect this sole process and make each piece of wooden furniture a one-off. The grain patterns are made by the tree’s growth ring? It shows one for every year. Therefore,a piece of wooden furniture with countless patterns means that the hardwood has reached maturity.

Wooden Table by West Coast TimbersHardwood colour variations

Have you ever looked closely at your wooden furniture and noticed all the different colours? Each hardwood may show off 2 or more shades of colour; this shows the standard trademark of the particular hardwood that is used in the furniture piece.

Why does the timber have these colour ranges?

The outside part of the wood shows off a lighter colour compared to what’s inside, which are

usually darker. Some woods may also show off dissimilar colours due to the minerals present and other elements affecting the tree’s growth.

Tv Cabinet 1Don’t accept a synthetic substitute!

Solid wooden furniture has become the standard in top quality furnishings, never settle for anything less. Wooden furniture may have many synthetic substitutes – but don’t accept them! Always ask plenty of questions and have a critical eye for each wooden furniture that catches your attention. No synthetic substitute can look and feel as authentic -as a piece of wooden furniture. Laminated or wood substitutes won’t last like wooden furniture can and sometimes they can even give off orders from the large amount of glues that have been used in making the furniture.

All about wooden furniture

For quality wooden furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. We offer first rate wooden furniture every time. Each piece of hardwood is manufactured directly at our very own mill. We have readymade furniture and we also take orders for custom made furniture. Just let us know – what you have in mind. Call West Coast Timbers today and let’s discuss your needs.


4 tricks for moving your furniture

Solid wood cabinet with glass doorsWooden furniture looks amazing! It makes your home look stunning and with proper positioning, can create a nice living design. However, wooden furniture is heavy which can make them difficult to move around – especially bulky furniture. Whether you are getting some new furniture or just changing its location for design purposes, it’s important you know how to move them properly.

Moving your furniture

Moving your furniture around seems an easy thing to do until you get your hands on it and realise how heavy it is! When moving your furniture, you have to be extra careful not to damage your floor or even your furniture. So, how will you move your furniture carefully without putting it at risk and without doing your back in? Here’s how:

Slide furniture. You might be tempted to lift the furniture, don’t – unless it is relatively small furniture that is not too heavy. Lifting furniture can not only injure your back but if you accidentally slip while lifting – it can damage your furniture also.

Use towels. To prevent your furniture scratching your floor use towels underneath the furniture before you start sliding it. That way, you can minimise floor scratches.

Wood Table by West Coast TimbersPull furniture.Sometimes pushing furniture seems like it would be the best option.In fact, pulling the furniture is far more effective. Place your arm on either side of the furniture and position your feet a few centimetres  away. Using your arms as a brace, lower your body as if you are going to sit then scoot backwards.

Empty the furniture first.Before moving,empty the furniture first. Not only  will it make the furniture lighter; it can also prevent items from falling out and causing further problems.

tricks for moving your furniture

Follow these simple tricks and you can successfully move your furniture with ease.

Created a space and need new furniture for your home? Contact West Coast Timbers for all your furniture needs. We have lots of lovely handmade furniture created from Australian timbers. Ring to make an appointment to view our current range.


The importance of having the right size of wooden furniture

wooden furnitureShopping for new furniture? Whether you are replacing damaged furniture or just want a new addition to your collection, it’s important that you know what you are looking. Apart from the design of your furniture, it’s wise to consider the size of your furniture too. Your furniture size should be proportion to your space. Remember how a small rug will ruin the look of a large room? The same thing will happen with your furniture.

Do you understand the size of your space?

You might say that too small furniture will look just fine in a large room or big furniture is pushed into a corner to make sure it fits inside is okay – the important thing is, it fits. Well, if you are looking to enhance home appearance using furniture, it is a wise decision to put importance on the size of your furniture.

If there is one key rule in finding the right furniture that will be to make sure that its size is directly proportional to your space. You can have too big or too small furniture – else, it can compromise the entire look of your space. In order to get the right size, measure the size of the room where you plan to put your furniture. From there, you can have an initial idea on the size of furniture you should look for.

buffetThe importance of having the right size of wooden furniture

The size of your furniture can either make or break the appearance of your home. A properly proportion furniture can enhance your home – it can even be your home’s main focal point. When you want everything inside your home coordinate with each other, start by making sure you get the right size furniture.

Want some gorgeous pieces of furniture? Contact West Coast Timbers for all your furniture needs. We have readymade furniture or you can discuss with us what you want in your furniture – yes, we offer custommade furniture too! Ring us today and let’s talk furniture.