Caring for your outdoor wooden furniture

Fabulous decking, a cut above the restLooking for the right furniture for your outside space?

Consider choosing wooden furniture. Outdoor furniture can be made from a range of materials but it’s hard to beat wood when it comes to the natural warmth and beauty.

Wooden furniture is stylishly beautiful.

Each log of timber has its own character. Each board is different. This uniqueness can make wooden furniture a sight to behold, especially when use outdoors. Your outdoor spaces can be a great place to entertain, relax and enjoy your time; the right outdoor furniture can give you this freedom, comfort while being stylish too. Wooden outdoor furniture pieces are popular because of their:

  • Classic style
  • Elegance
  • Timeless beauty
  • Longevity

Wooden furniture comes in a range of styles. They can be classic, through to contemporary and can last for years, but only if you know how to care for your outdoor wooden furniture.

How to care for your wooden furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture looks fantastic but it needs to be cared for in order to keep it at its best. Caring for your outdoor wooden furniture is necessary, especially if you want to enjoy it for years to come. Here’s what you need to know about how to care for your wooden furniture.

When not in use, keep it out of the weather

You can storage it indoors in a shed or you can keep it covered, especially in the colder months. Too much exposure of cold wind and rain can cause the wood to expand and contract, damaging its surface. If you have your outdoor furniture in your patio the easiest way to protect it is to throw a cotton sheet over the top, great for keeping it clean too. Be careful using plastic covers as it can cause condensation and you may end up with moisture sitting on your furniture, not what you want. If your furniture is in a really exposed area and you must use a plastic cover make sure you put a cotton sheet over your furniture first then the plastic.

Always removed wooden furniture when washing your patio

Do you need to wash and clean your patio? Remove your wooden furniture first. Do not expose them to water and remember to dry the area first before putting them back. If this is not possible cover in plastic and be very careful not to over water near your furniture.

Caring for your outdoor wooden furniture

Take care of your wooden outdoor furniture sounds like a pain, but it’s not really. Just a little bit of TLC and your fabulous furniture piece will last a very, very long time and become a favourite of the next generation too.

For all your wooden furniture needs, whether you want to use them inside or outside, contact West Coast Timbers. We have high quality timber furniture pieces ready for your needs, see our current stocks or we can custom make that special piece just for you. Call us now and get your free quote today!