Where can I buy wide Marri Floorboards?

Marri_Floorboards1Dream of having a beautiful floor that can impress your guests? Wide boards make you home look classy and beautiful. There are lots of floorboards to choose from in many different types of hardwood but few come with wide board options.

Choose Marri floorboards

Do you want the best floorboards for your home? Consider choosing Marri floorboards which come in wide or standard sizes. Western Australia is the home to the best hardwood in the world which includes Marri hardwood. Marri floorboards have become a popular choice among homeowners because of its durability and versatility which allows you to make the most of your home’s interior design. If you would just love your home to look lovely, you can never go wrong with Marri floorboards especially when they also come in a wide board option.

Get the right, perfect Marri floorboards for your home

Marri floorboards fit into your home like no other; with its unique colour and striking pattern, Marri floorboards will give your home a facelift which is so beautiful. Its colour can vary from light yellow to pale brown and Marri floorboards are very durable they can outlast you.

“Where can I buy wide Marri floorboards”? Well, don’t worry because you are not alone in asking this question. Looking for wide Marri floorboards, West Coast Timbers are your local Bunbury supplier. We mill our own timber so you will save.

Marri floorboards? Call West Coast Timbers for your needs

West Coast Timbers have access to hardwood that cannot be found anywhere else. We mill our own timber carefully to create beautiful, wide Marri floorboards 120mm x 15mm – wide boards or you can choose 80mm x 10mm – standard boards, floorboards that your home needs and you will love. Phone West Coast Timbers for your floorboard needs and discuss your requirements.