Why buy solid timber furniture?

TableTop1Why buy solid timber furniture, individuality, beauty, longevity, style, asset and warmth.

1. Individuality, solid wood furniture is stylish and can be made from recycled timber to give each piece character and some history. Your table will have a real story to tell at your next dinner party.

2. Beauty, create sophistication in your home by having that exact right furniture piece to go in that difficult to fill spot.

3. Longevity, furniture crafted from wood is made to last become an antique of the future.

Good quality wood furniture gets better with age and won’t date. It will outlive you and won’t need to be replaced unless you wish to change the complete look of your room.

4. Style, wooden furniture can be made to suit any style of home from a large family home to a bachelor pad, modern, classic, heritage or any other style. Hand crafted wood furniture will fit perfectly and make your house a home.

5. Colour, different types of timber have different colours from light to the very dark.

6. Asset, quality wooden furniture pieces are an asset to your home, they add value as well as looking fantastic.

7. Warmth, is warm in weather and cool in summer and the perfect furniture for all year round and very use.

Why buy solid timber furniture because you can and you will never regret it!

Custom made solid wood furniture for you, give West Coast Timbers Bunbury a call on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your needs. West Coast Timbers are a timber mill located just north of Bunbury so you are buying direct and can be assured of the quality. We source all our timber from private properties, new housing estate and commercial property developments, we also have aged and recycled timber.

No state forest timber will be used in the making your new furniture piece. Call for a free quote today.