Bought an older style home and not sure how to furnish it?

HallTable1Why not go with a rustic look, keeping in theme with the age of your home? Wood furniture has been around for hundreds of years and improved by modern technology, manufacturing a variety of styles to match your homes theme and décor.

Reasons to add wood furniture in your home:

  1. Warm feel
  2. Allergy Friendly
  3. High quality and long lasting

Warm feel

Ever walked into a house and just felt at home? That warmth and homely feel is a real welcoming quality that a lot of modern houses lack. Wood furniture conveys that warm feel inside your home and welcomes your guests and family in. Having wooden furniture also adds an elegant feel in your room; remember to clean it regularly to maintain its natural shine and beauty.

Allergy Friendly

Feel at home sitting on rustic chair knowing that dusty mites and other allergen are not trapped on it. Wood furniture can give you a peace of mind making you feel safe and comfortable. Invite your friends for a cuppa and chat in your living room.

To all colour, you could use allergy free cushions that can be washed regularly. Wood furniture is a natural product and won’t give off toxic fumes. Wood furniture is the perfect allergy friendly furniture.

High quality and long lasting

Enjoy the lasting benefits of your wooden furniture for longer years. West Coast Timbers offers high quality furniture solutions for your needs. Made from native Australian timber, we guarantee you outstanding products.

Have you bought an older style home and not sure how to furnish it?

Think rustic!
Need help decorating your new home?
Call in the professionals!

West Coast Timbers are a timber mill, so we do everything from source the timber to mill it to producing the perfect wooden furniture item for you. We can custom make your unique designs to suit your exact needs. We also sell raw edged and completed dressed timber ready for you to make your own beautiful furniture piece.

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