Marri Floorboards by West Coast Timbers

How durable is timber flooring?

Want a classic look for your home? For that beauty that will last a lifetime, you can’t walk past the natural beauty of timber flooring. Here are some reasons to choose timber flooring: Easy to install Versatile Low maintenance Timber flooring is extremely durable, which makes this type of flooring last for generations when properly taken care of. Durability of timber flooring Solid timber flooring isn’t just a beautiful addition that completes the look of your home no matter what style you have, it is much more. Did you know that timber flooring, once installed will last a lifetime? That’s

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Jarrah flooring at West Coast Timbers

What type of hardwood timber can I buy?

Here at West Coast Timbers we sell a range of timber products including wood furniture, flooring, wood cut to order that will suit your exact needs. Having timber in your home will make it totally lovely and to be admired by your friends for many years to come. We have lots of different types of high quality timbers sourced from private, development or road works sites and recycled timbers. We don’t use state forest timber in our mill. We sell timber products that will turn your home into a classic comfy palace. Here is the list of hardwood timbers you

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Wooden Flooring in your hallway

Are you looking for floorboards in Bunbury?

Timber floor brilliant, you’ve decided to choose floorboards for your home. Good. Wood flooring is great: Easy to maintain Flexible Perfect for your health Floorboards are naturally hard wearing and when properly maintain can last for many years. Wanting only the best for your home, nothing beats the qualities of solid wood floorboards. Wood floors offer a stylish and elegant look on your home. Wood is a perfect fit for your home. Are you worried about your design inside your home? Don’t be. Surprisingly, solid wooden floorboards can be very flexible. They look good on both contemporary and traditional interior

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Reasons to choose timber flooring?

Planning on replacing your floor? Great. There are many flooring options that you can choose from but if you want the best flooring for your home, choose timber flooring. There are many reasons why timber flooring is a wise choice. This includes: Unmatched beauty Stylish Elegance ensured Healthy – great for allergy suffers The best thing about timber flooring, is it never goes out of style. Its timeless charm can make your home a beauty to behold! Warmth and style with timber flooring Isn’t it nice living in a home with a stylish flooring? Your friends will envy you and

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Firewood available at West Coast Timbers

Firewood For Sale near Bunbury 

Firewood to fit 6 x 4 Trailer – only $120 NO Bark, Rot or Charcoal. Clean wood ready to burn (no storage or drying needed), jarrah mill ends and split bush wood, all wood is dry, seasoned and pre-split to a convenient size to fit your average size firebox. Nice sized split good quality firewood loads that are hand split. Perfect firewood for winter ready to burn now and it will keep you warm during the cold weather. Loads usually contain a few pieces of Tuart or Marri as well for burning overnight. The loads are made up from logs that

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When should I seal my deck?

Seal your deck every year. Having your deck sealed annually will help keep its gorgeous look for years to come. Follow the 5 easy tips to extend the life of your deck, Sand any rough spots Sweep clean all dust When to reapply deck sealer Apply deck sealer When should I seal my deck? Sand any rough spots Before you start cleaning, make sure to remove the scratches, lumps or bumps on the surface of the board making it smooth ready for sealing. Use a fine sandpaper to sand any splintered floor surface. Check for any damaged or rotten boards

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