Finding the perfect natural edge timber slab for your home!

Natural Edged Tan;e from West Coast TimbersYour home is your solace from the stresses of the outside world. That is why, it’s not a surprise to know that most of us are making an effort to decorate our home  – whether it’s a good piece of décor you bought from a local store or a custom made furniture.

Wooden furniture makes the best decoration!

A one off piece like  furniture made from  a natural edged timber slab speaks volumes about the class and character of your home. Unique individually crafted pieces of wooden furniture makes such a positive statement on your home’s décor.  They make your home look more natural and elegant. Nothing beats wooden furniture for warmth, charm and style.

Do you want natural edge timber slabs?

They make the most exquisitely beautiful and individual furniture piece that can be crafted to suit any style of home from miminalist modern to old world heritage charm. Wooden furniture is awesome to look at and make your home fabulous

With wooden furniture, you cannot ask for more!

Natural edge timber slabs – furniture of your dreams

Timber slabs are perfect for large statement furniture like bench tops, counter tops, dining tables, sideboards or entertaining units. There are companies that offers natural edge timber slabs that will look perfect for your home! When looking, you just have to be careful and educate yourself about how to find a good timber slabs.

The perfect furniture is out there, you just have to be resourceful and exert some effort to find what you are looking for. Sometimes, the perfect natural edge timber slabs are just what you are looking for in order to make your home perfect.

But wait, where can you buy real wood furniture?

Consider choosing West Coast Timbers! Buy direct from the mill and cut out the middle man.

If you want a slab that has been kiln dried and matches your taste, you have come at the right place! Here at West Coast Timbers, we offer a variety of timber species including Blackbutt, Tuart, Peppermint and Paperbark to name a few. We custom make furniture to suit your needs and if you like you can even pick the exact slab your new table or furniture piece will be made from.

Finding the perfect natural edge timber slab  for your home!

West Coast Timbers can meet your timber needs – anytime, every time! Call us today for a free inspection of our current stocks and to discuss how to make your dream piece of furniture a  reality.


Caring for wooden floors

Hard wearing, durable wooden flooringYour wooden floors are your home’s best asset. Caring for them is very important to maintain its beauty and elegance. Here are tips on how to care for your wooden floors:

Wooden floors need proper maintenance and caring. Remember, prevention is better than cure so here are the things that can harm your wooden flooring:


Sunlight that directly hits your wooden floor can cause it to develop gaps, fade or just dry out. Extreme sun exposure can affect the performance of your floor’s elegant finish. Window blinds or dark shaded curtains can prevent this from happening. It blocks the sun’s direct light from entering your house therefore reducing its damage to your wooden floors. Using blinds and curtains can also enhance the visual appeal of your house.


Sand is another thing that could cause harm to your wooden floors without you knowing it. This is due to sand particles which are brought inside on your  footwear; they became like sandpaper which can cause unwanted scratches and marks on your wooden floors. To keep this from happening, the best thing to do is to have a mat outside your door, this will filter out sand particles and prevent it from entering your house.

You can also choose to ask people to remove their shoes upon entering your house. Floor mats in entry areas of your home so that they filter the sand and dirt. This will avoid them from damaging your lovely wooden floors. When you see sand on the floor it is best to sweep it up as soon as you can to avoid it being transferred through your home.

When prevention is properly implemented, maintenance will then be easy. Basic yet regular sweeping, cleaning, vacuuming and mopping will definitely keep your floor in best condition. Spot mopping  needs be done immediately when liquid spillage happen. When spill occur, mop them up immediately to prevent staining your wooden floors. If you already have a stain on your floor, you can contact West Cost Timbers, a specialist in wooden floors, to get professional advice with your particular need. Always check your vacuum cleaners brushes. Check if it is already worn out, replace it instantly as it well scratch your floor.

Damp mopping and dry mopping are two different techniques of cleaning your wooden floor. Damp mopping should be done with proper knowledge of your floors condition, always see to it that the finish is still intact to avoid damaging your wooden floor. When performing damp mopping, you should wet the mop first then wring it out properly before damp mopping. Keep in mind to avoid using abrasive cleaners or detergents when damp mopping as they are proven harsh to your wooden floor.

Dry mopping on the other hand can be done without you having to worry about damaging your wooden floor.

For all your tips on how to care for your wooden floors contact West Coast Timbers, your local floor specialist. We offer a wide range of wooden flooring solution to suit best to your need. Call us now to discuss your requirements.


Are solid wooden furniture pieces worth your money?

Wooden Table by West Coast TimbersAre you looking for the right furniture for your home? Then perhaps you are contemplating if you should go for wooden furniture or not. It’s a common concern for homeowners. With many lower end, metal or plastics option for furniture, you start to wonder if the extra cost of solid wooden furniture is worth it.

Are solid wooden furniture pieces worth your money?

Yes and here’s why

  • Appeal, character and feel
  • Beautiful and elegant
  • Long lasting
  • Quality

Solid wooden furniture

You cannot deny the classic appeal of wooden furniture pieces. They are beautiful and elegant to look at. They can bring a feel of classic and quality décor to your home. Transforming your home from ordinary to gorgeous made easy, just use wooden furniture – simple and quick. Beautiful wooden furniture can be a lifetime investment.

Is solid wooden furniture really expensive?

If you are solely concerned about the price, No!

Solid wooden furniture can initially cost you more compared to other furniture made from other materials. However, as time goes on, solid wooden furniture can prove to be a money saver. Why, it’s durability and superior quality can last for really a long time – no more replacing your furniture over and over.

Wood furniture can fit into many different home décor styles and even when you change the style of your room your gorgeous wooden furniture will still suit perfectly.

While lower end product may offer cheaper prices, they can also sacrificed quality. What you save in the short term may end up costing you more in the future on replacement costs and your time.

Solid wooden furniture is the best

Well built solid wooden furniture is durable and built to last for generations. It can withstand the daily wear and tear and requires minimal maintenance. If it starts to show it’sage, you can restore it and be back to its beautiful state. With lasting beauty solid wood furniture will be in  your family for years to come, solid wooden furniture is proven to be more economical in the long run.

Why go for another option? Beautiful, classic and economical, solid wooden furniture is right for you.

Looking for beautiful wooden furniture for your home? Contact West Coast Timbers for your needs. We offer extensive choices for different solid wood furniture options to fit your bedroom, kitchen and outdoor areas. We also do custom made furniture. No matter what your dream design, we’re here to help you. Ring us now and let’s discuss your needs.



How to Take Good Care Of Your Timber Decking

Hardwood_deckingTimber decking is a great feature in every home that it is installed, mainly because the owner can enjoy its beauty and elegance for a long time. However, just like many precious things in this world, your timber decking needs maintenance. You wouldn’t want to have to replace your deck early due to lack of maintenance.

The best way to keep your timber decking looking at it finest is to follow a few simple steps:

1Prevention – choose a quality decking timber to start with

Prevention is always better than cure, so firstly choose a quality timber products is a golden rule. Always make sure that you purchased the best quality timber. Do a little research and look for a product that will withstand harsh elements. Choosing a timber product that is poor quality already limits the life span of your desired decking.

2. Be patient, let it breath

After choosing the product, make sure it is installed properly. Let the decking breath for a few days after the final sealing is applied. This is to ensure that the alignment will not be disturbed.

3. Seal the deck well

Apply with the best finish. Whether you choose a colorless sealant or a wood varnish, make sure that it is the right finish for your decking. Keep in mind that an indoor sealant can’t be effective when used outside and vice versa. The reason iseach product is designed to suit a particular purpose and to protect differently whether in harsh weather conditions or not.

3. Maintenance

The real key to your timber decking’s long life is maintenance; and that to ensure your decking will last long time, conduct the required yearly maintenance. Firstly pressure clean your timber decking and remove any built up dirt and grime. Pressure cleaning is usually enough but for a lot of built up grime or oil based dirt apply a mild detergent.  Once your deck is dry, apply the same sealer as you have previously used. You can then let your chosen sealant or finish dry and reapply until your reach the desire colour or shine.

You may wish to go a shade drier than the previous year but be careful changing products as some will not be compatible with what you have has in previous years.

Follow these simple yet effective steps and you will enjoy your timber decking for a life time to come.

For quality timber decking and other wood products, contact West Coast Timbers and to discuss your needs.



How to clean wood furniture properly

burl table with flower box underneathCleaning wood furniture can seem a bit scary but it’s not.
Preventing dust build up with a great idea for the health of your family and to help prevent allergies.

Ways to clean your wood furniture properly:

  1. Dust the surfaces
  2. Don’t use spray polish
  3. Vacuum regularly

Dust the surfaces

Regularly dust the wood furniture by using soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using feather dusters as they often have sharp quills that may cause scratches on the wood surface and are not always effective in removing dirt. Make sure to follow the direction of the grain to prevent the build-up of grime.

Don’t use spray polish

Never use spray polish as it can dull your wood furniture. Spray polish will simply give you that fragrant of a clean smell but not actually remove any dirt.

Stay hygienic by regularly checking every corner of your furniture to maintain dust free air rather than spreading the fragrant smell of spray polish that contains chemical which can cause health problems. Silicon sprays add a coating to wood which over time can cause the wood to deteriorate.

Tv Cabinet 1Vacuum regularly

Tidy away any build-up of grime that will damage your furniture over a periods of time. Vacuuming can deep clean your furniture removing dirt particles that have been caught in the edges of your furniture.

How to clean wood furniture properly!

Follow the steps to achieve the best results.
Need to buy wood furniture, contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 see our furniture displays and make an appointment. We also do custom made furniture where you can even choose the wood your furniture will be made from.

Call West Coast Timbers today, we are just north of Bunbury.


What are the characteristics of traditional wooden furniture?

Side Table on CoastersFurnishing your new home?

Whether you are getting a new home or just redecorating an old one, you might be considering adding a new piece of furniture. The right furniture can make your home appear lovelier and increase its value instantly. When it comes to furniture shopping, you have to make a hard decision as to what style of furniture you should choose.

Traditional wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is a great choice but what about the style? Should you go for something modern that gives a sleek and chic look or a traditional wooden furniture that is classic and unforgettable? Of course, your choice will depend on the kind of look you are trying to create. However, if you haven’t thought about your theme and interior style, traditional wooden furniture is a wise idea.

Why go for traditional wooden furniture? Well, there are several reasons why you should:

  • Traditional wooden furniture looks calm, orderly and predictable. There is nothing wild inside your room and you instantly feel comfortable.
  • With traditional style furniture, your room will look unified and synchronised. There is nothing that looks out of place. Everything has the appearance that it goes together.
  • Traditional furniture makes a room feel comfortable to any age group. It feels like it is a home you have grown up in. It gives you the feeling of being nostalgic. However, traditional furniture doesn’t look too formal – they usually take a more casual feel. The main reason why guests feel comfortable inside your home.

Solid Wood Furniture - Dining TableWhat are the characteristics of traditional wooden furniture?

Traditional wooden furniture is associated with such style as William and Mary. Remember those Victorian homes you see in magazines? Those homes used traditional wooden furniture. They may look ancient but make you feel at home at the same time.

Love traditional looking furniture?

We might just have a piece for you – contact West Coast Timbers today. We have a wide range of readymade furniture with different styles – traditional, modern or customised- according to your requirements. Ring West Coast Timbers today and let’s chat.


How durable is timber flooring?

Gorgeous Solid Wood Floorboards - MarriWant a classic look for your home? For that beauty that will last a lifetime, you can’t walk past the natural beauty of timber flooring.

Here are some reasons to choose timber flooring:

  • Easy to install
  • Versatile
  • Low maintenance

Timber flooring is extremely durable, which makes this type of flooring last for generations when properly taken care of.

Durability of timber flooring

Solid timber flooring isn’t just a beautiful addition that completes the look of your home no matter what style you have, it is much more. Did you know that timber flooring, once installed will last a lifetime? That’s how durable timber flooring is. Even a floor that has been mistreated in the past can be sanded and refinished to give it a second lease of life and many more years of service.

You get what you pay for with and unlike other types of flooring, like vinyl and carpet; you will never have to replace your solid wood floors. Would you rather choose to keep on replacing your floor again and again, which can cost you more or settle with a timber flooring that can last throughout the entire generation of your family? The choice is yours. For practical purposes, timber flooring is a great flooring option, especially for allergy sufferers as dust and dirt doesn’t get trapped in your floor.

Australian hardwood floors

When choosing timber flooring, Australian hardwood floors are a great option. They are known to withstand the harsh climate of the area where they were originally grown. A popular choice for architects and interior designers is the Jarrah when aesthetic and versatility is concerned, Marri for lovely colours and Blackbutt. With the many choices of Australian hardwood floors, you can be sure to find something that will suit your taste.

Timber flooring has been around for hundreds of years, which means one thing – they have withstood the test of time. Plus, combined with the technology today, they become more durable and hard wearing.

Looking for the right timber flooring? West Coast Timbers can help you with that. We process our own timbers at our mill and we have a large collection of timbers like Jarrah, Blackbutt, Marri and so much more. Ring us now to arrange an inspection of our current timbers today. Buy direct from the mill and save.


What type of hardwood timber can I buy?

Solid wood cabinet with glass doorsHere at West Coast Timbers we sell a range of timber products including wood furniture, flooring, wood cut to order that will suit your exact needs. Having timber in your home will make it totally lovely and to be admired by your friends for many years to come.

We have lots of different types of high quality timbers sourced from private, development or road works sites and recycled timbers. We don’t use state forest timber in our mill.

We sell timber products that will turn your home into a classic comfy palace.

Here is the list of hardwood timbers you can buy:

  1. Wood furniture
  2. Timber flooring
  3. Wood cut to order
  4. Raw edge timber
  5. Burls
  6. Decking timber

Wood furniture

Coffee TableYour search for classic sturdy wood furniture is over. You can request your own design or view or current stocks for custom made furniture pieces. Our handmade furniture will outlast you and live on for many generations.

Our furniture is made from Australian timber, that have had years to grow in lovely fresh air, not full of chemicals perfect for your dining and design.

We specialise in custom designed solid wood furnishings.

Timber flooring

Marri Floorboards - Solid WoodYou don’t need to worry for cold winter breeze with solid wood floors; they are warm in winter and cool in summer. Timber floorings are durable for any weather conditions perfect for your savings. Add a rug or two in winter and you have the prefect floor to snuggle on.

You don’t have to worry about dust mites as wood floors don’t have anywhere for mites to hide and are easily cleaned. If you have asthma or hay fever you can stay healthy throughout the year having non-allergenic timber flooring in your house.

Beautify your home into modern, retro or classic style with our different floor designs.

Wood cut to order

Want a piece of timber for a specific purpose? You can choose from our huge range of select the timbers.We can cut timbers into the exact sizes for your requirements. You don’t have to settle for near enough, let us know the measurements you need.

We sell slabs that are freshly milled and dried, cut to order, ready for your to create your wooden master piece even a lovely new dining table.

Raw edge timber

Split Logs - lovely solid wood for youWe can supply your timbersthat include Burls, Jarrah, Paperbark, Sheoak, Marri, WA Blackbutt, Tuart,Peppermint, and many more. Just ask. These timbers are ideal for quality pieces and durable furniture.


We can make you sturdy table tops with our various range of burls. Or you can buy unfinished burls to make your own.

Burl Wood Table Top

Burl Wood Table Top

Burls are lovely artistic wood which make them great for your furniture which will be displayed in your cosy living room.

Decking Timber

Extend living areas with a wood decking perfect to your lovely house. Wood decking is wonderful to use as a balcony on your second story. Choose different timber to add style to your verandah, balcony or patio floor.

Deck your garden area and share the fabulous view with friends, perfect to create an outdoor kitchen in your entertaining area.

Where to buy hardwood timber?

West Coast Timbers of course!

Have the best timber to cover your needs. Call West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your timber needs and book an appointment to see our timber range.


What type of furniture should you buy first?

Solid wood cabinet with glass doorsGetting ready to move into your new home? The feeling is exciting but once you step inside your new home, you’ll realise there are still a lot of things to do – like furnishing your new home. Furnishing your new home is a great feeling – especially when you are shopping for furniture. However, many find it as overwhelming. There are so many options for everything that even deciding on which chair to buy put so much pressure on you.

What items should you buy first?

Before buying furniture, you should know how to find the best match for your needs. Each furniture has certain elements and features that will help you determine whether it’s a good buy or not. So, what should you buy? Should it be your bed? A couch or coffee table?

When it comes to furniture, you should know the rule of thumb: Start with the big pieces and then fill in the details.

diningTable-e1385049759383Big Furniture Pieces

Big furniture such as beds, cabinets and family dinner table should be put first. This furniture is big which means, they may also cost more. They should be your top priority – that way, you can get what you truly need without getting out of your budget.

After you had secured all the big furniture, use the rest of the budget on little touches that will turn your space into a home with a cosy feel.

And, buying big furniture doesn’t just allow you get what you need but it can also help a lot when you are decorating your home. Of course, your décor should match your furniture too. You can refer to your furniture for style inspiration.

Burl Table TopFeature Pieces

Use what you have and then add or replace as you can afford new furniture.Get décors and rugs that match your furniture and not the other way around. Remember, replacing your furniture just because it doesn’t match your décor is an expensive way to decorate.

A great way to decorate is to start with a few really nice feature pieces and build around them. Quality wooden furniture is the perfect style of furniture to use as your standouts. Having a focus point in your room can add a touch of class to your home and the perfect place to start when decorating the space.

Buying furniture – Quality Wooden Furniture

Looking for lovely pieces of furniture? Contact West Coast Timbers for all your needs. We have lots of furniture styles on display,or we have create something personalised for you and your needs, perfect for out spots or to match in with something existing. Ring us today for a free quote!


Will wooden furniture work in my home?

Burl Wood Table Top

Yes, wooden furniture will work in your home.

Wooden furniture’s elegance is incomparable, its elegance is unparalleled. What makes homeowners deeply fond of wooden furniture is its brilliance and warmth the feel that wood gives you. There is this certain grandeur in wooden furniture that is often showcased movies.

Nowadays, good wooden furniture can be difficult to get. It is just a good thing that there are still some traditional shops and mills out there who still sell and make good wooden furniture. Quality wooden furniture pieces can be like looking for a needle in a haystack and remember price doesn’t always mean quality.

Wooden furniture is like a good poetry piece, you can instantly tell if it’s the right one for you. The warmth of wood is natural and it can’t be copied by any other furniture materials like glass and steel which can be clinical and cold.  It is like living in a cold grey winter rather than a lovely bright spring day.

Wood furniture gives a very natural feeling, close to earth impression which brings a wonderful quality and ambience to your home no matter what style of décor you choose. No other furniture can match the way wood makes you feel when you come home and walk past that special piece that is freshly polished and gleaming and waiting for you to use.

buffetWealthy and influential people in the 19th century invested in antique wooden furniture such as priceless wooden writing desk and grand pianos. They have completely disregarded the fact that these pieces are extremely expensive because they were mesmerized by their exquisite look and the status it brought them.

It is amazing how one piece of furniture can lighten up a whole room by adding a touch of class and sophistication and often you will be surprised at how affordable that piece can be.

Wooden furniture really has it all. There is nothing better than the elegance, beauty and sophistication of that wonderful piece that will fit perfectly with your décor and lift it to a new level. Nothing beats the comfort and smooth experience you get from wooden furniture; it is just like having an old pair of your favourite slippers or shoes.

Will wooden furniture work in my home?

Try it for yourself and experience that incomparable feeling of solid wood furniture.

West Coast Timbers have a range of solid wood timber pieces for you to view or pick the particular piece of timber that talk to you and have a custom made piece crafted to suit your needs. Phone West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to view our current range.