Best place to buy firewood near Bunbury?

Firewood available at West Coast Timbers

Need to buy firewood now the weather is getting cold but don’t know where to buy it in Bunbury? Your search is over. West Coast Timbers is your best place for all your fire wood needs.

3 reasons to buy firewood at West Coast Timbers:

  1. High quality
  2. Saves time
  3. Affordable

High quality

Need to keep warm air this winter? You don’t need to worry about wet and green woods that are hard to burn. You can instantly heat up your winter by burning our dry ready to burn firewood.

We only sell dry wood, seasoned and pre-split convenient size to fit in most fire boxes. High quality firewood ready to keep you warm this winter.

Want to keep the heat in overnight? Our firewood loads usually contain a few pieces of Tuart or Marri which are slow burning perfect to maintain a warm air inside your house overnight.

Saves time

Living in Bunbury or surrounding area? Save time by getting your firewood right from West Coast Timbers at Binningup on 30km north of Bunbury. Bring your own trailer and get a 6 x 4 trailer loads of wood for sale for only $90. Dry split firewood ready to dump your trailer in less than 10 minutes; fast and easy!

Don’t need to dry your firewood to prepare for burning as we don’t sell wet and green wood perfect to save you time!


Want to save money? Buy your firewood here at West Coast Timbers as we sell dry woods making you pay less than buying wet and green woods that are more expensive. Buying wet woods means you are paying for water as it contain excess water that is unnecessary and green hard to burn so you will have to store it to dry it out before use.

Best place to buy firewood near Bunbury?

At West Coast Timbers of course.
Good quality cheap firewood? Contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your firewood needs.