Advantages of buying wooden furniture

Solid wood TV Cabinet. Beautiful solid wood furniture.

Are you thinking about buying new furniture for your home? If the answer is yes, then you might want to buy furniture made from wood rather than the more new and modern plastic and metal furniture that have come onto the market. While the metal and plastic stuff may come cheap, it rarely offers the class and grace of wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture is a class above the rest because of its:

  • Natural beauty
  • Durability
  • Comfortable
  • Choice
  • Affordability

Natural beauty

One of the principal reasons behind people choosing to buy timber or wooden furniture is the natural beauty that each piece offers. You simply have to carefully select the wood which will perfectly go with the look of your home and other furnishings inside it and you will be amazed at what a difference this type of furniture will bring to your home. The natural beauty associated to wood is something that is appreciated by most people.


Wooden furniture is known to last for decades and even centuries; buy quality and it will outlive you! As the pieces age, it may suffer a few marks or dents here and there and the natural aging process of the wood will occur, this will accentuate the character of the furniture continue to bring out its beauty for years to come. The same is not true about metal or plastic furniture. Just imagine a dent or mark on plastic furniture, it will look horrible and as it age will become brittle and have to be replaced. Even metal furniture would look bad if there’s a scratch or mark on its surface.

More comfortable

There’s no denying the fact that wood because of its solid nature, is more comfortable than any other type of furniture. Plastic, metal or any type of hybrid furniture will never be able to offer the comfort associated to wooden furniture. You can dress up for furniture will cushions and throw rugs to make them really snugly not cold and sterile like metal or plastic furniture.

Greater choices

You’ll get a greater choice of pieces if you go for wood which is incredibly versatile. A good craftsman will be able to make just about anything you want. West Coast Timbers customize and make furniture to suit your needs. You can even pick the exact piece of timber your new furniture will be made from or choice from our ready-made range; the choice is yours.


At the first glance, wooden or timber furniture may seem to be more expensive when compared to other hybrid, plastic or metal furniture. But the durability associated to wooden furniture makes it far more affordable in the long run than any other type. More affordable types of wooden furniture are being manufactured these days to ensure that their price doesn’t pinch the buyer’s pocket.

When you are looking for new furniture whether it is for your bedroom, dining room, family room or living room, go for wooden furniture. There’s a timeless appeal associated to wood furniture will outlive you and become and antique of the future.

Advantages of buying wooden furniture

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