5 Tips to Looking After Your Solid Wood Furniture!

Imagine the comments you will get for this beautiful solid wood buffetWood furniture is great and only needs a small amount of care to keep it in tip top condition. Here are some great tips for you on how to care for your wooden furniture.:

  1. Dust to remove the dirt
  2. Polish surfaces
  3. Avoid sunlight
  4. Prevent scratches
  5. Wipe up spills

Remove the dust/dirt

Use a soft cloth or feather duster and frequently dust your wood furniture following the grain pattern of the wood to remove any dirt and dust. Cover nose and mouth when dusting to avoid inhaling dirt.
Do this regularly to prevent build-up of grime and you can enjoy your cuppa on your dust-free furniture.

Polish surfaces

Solid wood furniture is beautiful has a natural shine all of its own, in most cases you won’t need to polish your furniture (this will depend on what finish was originally applied). If you do decide to polish your furniture then it is best to be done a couple of times each year. Applying furniture polish or wax by using a soft cloth and follow the same direction as the grain pattern. Remove any residue or excess with a new soft cloth. Don’t use silicone furniture polish on wooden furniture.
Polish your furniture a couple times a year to keep its luster for many years to come.

Avoid sunlight

Never place your furniture in direct contact to scorching sunlight. It is best to place your furniture away from any heated surface to prevent any damage. Too much heat exposure will darken the colour of your furniture altering its original style and many cause it to dry out and crack.

Prevent scratches

Use placemats and coasters on your table tops and furniture to avoid tears and scratches to the surface. Be careful when lifting objects to and from the table; avoid dragging or sliding them across the surface.

Wipe up spills

Dry up spills thoroughly by using soft cloth, immediately they occur. Avoid rubbing the furniture; it will cause scratches around the surface. Dab up the spill with a dry cloth.

You don’t use strong detergents or glass cleaner when cleaning your furniture as they will damage the wood surface. Be careful using alcohol or other solvents as they can dissolve the colour of the furniture or dissolve any finish that may have be applied to the wood. It is best to use clean dry cloth to absorb spills.

Always keep the surface dry, wet surface breaks down wood fragments causing damage to the furniture. Excess moisture may cause your wood to warp.

5 Tips to Looking After Your Solid Wood Furniture!

Follow these tip and you will have years of enjoyment from your furniture.
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