5 Things You Might Not Know About Firewood

Trailer FirewoodYou may be confused about some aspects of firewood. Read the following 5 things you might not know about firewood which will put your mind at ease.

  1. Are they going to ban wood heaters?
  2. How do I know if the wood is dry enough to burn?
  3. Why is my neighbour’s chimney smoking?
  4. What is sustainable firewood?
  5. What is the best firewood?

Are they going to ban wood heaters?

There have been some restrictions on wood heaters in recent years and some local councils have restricted wood heater installations but this is unlikely to be a widespread practice. In fact, wood heaters are becoming more popular as it is a cost effective method of heating especially as energy and utility costs continue to rise.

Councils will have no reason to ban wood heaters as long as users operate them responsibly and large amounts of smoke are not emitted.

How do I know if the wood is dry enough to burn?

You can test wood with an electrical resistance moisture meter to work out if it is dry enough to burn. Or, simply, split a piece in half and if the middle is darker than the outside the wood is still wet and needs more time for drying.

You can also compare the weight of dry and wet wood as the wet wood will feel heavier. The lighter the wood, the drier it is.

Why is my neighbour’s chimney smoking?

The most common cause for this is the incorrect use of a slow combustion heater causing incomplete combustion of gasses which causes smoke. Air vents need to be left open for at least 15 minutes after adding wood to ensure that fire is hot enough to completely combust gasses, thus preventing smoke.

Your neighbour may also be burning green wood or have a blocked chimney which will restrict the air flow that is cooling the fire below to the right temperature. You will not see any smoke from chimney if the fire is operating properly.

What is sustainable firewood?

According to The Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council Firewood Task Force environmentally acceptable firewood should be a residue or by-product from sustainably managed forests and plantations or from wood processing operations.

If you are collecting your own firewood it should be from an area that has government authorisation and if collecting on private property it should be collected in accordance with environmental guidelines. Yes firewood is sustainable.

What is the best firewood?

In Western Australia, Jarrah is the best firewood.The quality of the firewood depends on your location as each species has its own properties of burning rate, flame and ash generation.

5 FAQ’s about firewood

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