4 ways to pet proof your wooden furniture

pet furnitureIt can be frustrating to come home from work and see that your newly purchased coffee table, has been chewed by your pet. You can’t get rid of your pets, but you know you have to do something about it – else, your lovely wooden furniture will all be ill-treated by your pet dog.

Pet proofing your furniture

Once you purchase a pet, you should not rub out the idea of getting your personal things chewed for example shoes, mats, retic, and even your furniture! When it comes to furniture,You need to protect it and make sure your love wooden furniture will continue to create that classic feel it creates inside your home for many years to come.

Here are 4 ways to ensure your wooden furniture stays protected against your pet:

  • Keep your dog entertained all the time
  • Apply bitter sprays to your furniture.
  • Cover your furniture
  • Keep your pets out of the area

Jarrah Coffee table $999.00Keep your dog entertained all the time

You can provide your dog with toys. Turn on the TV or anything that can keep your dog some company. As long as they are entertained, they won’t go near your furniture and start chewing on it. Chew treats and toys are great options – they can keep your dog amused and help with your dog’s teething at the same time.

Apply bitter sprays to your furniture

No pets want to chew on something that tastes bad. There are products on the market that you can use. Spray it directly on your wooden furniture and your dog will not chomp on it, no matter how bored he is.

Cover your furniture

To prevent you pet getting up on furniture while you are away cover it. Make sure that spot is nicely covered with something that is easy to wash and maintain. Your dog might not chew on your furniture but they may scratch it getting up and down – prevent it from happening, cover your favourite wooden chair.

HallTable1Keep your pets out of the area

Restrict your pet from being in the room that contains the furniture while you are not there.

4 ways to pet proof your wooden furniture

Keeping your wooden furniture safe from your pet is easier with these tips. For lovely wooden furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. Looking for wooden furniture? Give West Coast Timbers a call to view our current stocks or have a custom piece made to order. Wooden furniture will look fabulous in your home.

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