4 tricks for moving your furniture

Solid wood cabinet with glass doorsWooden furniture looks amazing! It makes your home look stunning and with proper positioning, can create a nice living design. However, wooden furniture is heavy which can make them difficult to move around – especially bulky furniture. Whether you are getting some new furniture or just changing its location for design purposes, it’s important you know how to move them properly.

Moving your furniture

Moving your furniture around seems an easy thing to do until you get your hands on it and realise how heavy it is! When moving your furniture, you have to be extra careful not to damage your floor or even your furniture. So, how will you move your furniture carefully without putting it at risk and without doing your back in? Here’s how:

Slide furniture. You might be tempted to lift the furniture, don’t – unless it is relatively small furniture that is not too heavy. Lifting furniture can not only injure your back but if you accidentally slip while lifting – it can damage your furniture also.

Use towels. To prevent your furniture scratching your floor use towels underneath the furniture before you start sliding it. That way, you can minimise floor scratches.

Wood Table by West Coast TimbersPull furniture.Sometimes pushing furniture seems like it would be the best option.In fact, pulling the furniture is far more effective. Place your arm on either side of the furniture and position your feet a few centimetres  away. Using your arms as a brace, lower your body as if you are going to sit then scoot backwards.

Empty the furniture first.Before moving,empty the furniture first. Not only  will it make the furniture lighter; it can also prevent items from falling out and causing further problems.

tricks for moving your furniture

Follow these simple tricks and you can successfully move your furniture with ease.

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