4 tips to protect your deck

Hardwood DeckingYour deck is a great space to enjoy the outdoors, whether entertaining or just sitting quietly with a cuppa.

Has the winter weather taken a toll on your deck?

Does it need a bit of TLC to get it ready for it’s summer service?

Here are 4 tips on how to look after and protect your deck:

  • Check it
  • Clean it
  • Repair it
  • Seal it

It is  important to look after your deck so you will get many years of service. An annual check could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Remember, even treated woods can deteriorate over time due to environmental hazard as is it exposed to such as water, humidity and the heat of the sun.

You’ll just notice that your once charming and beautiful wooden oasis not looking at it’s best. It is easy to prevent this and maintain your valuable asset.

Check your deck

Observe carefully, have a really good look at your deck. Are the nails on its place? Your boards may have warped or cracked over the winter. Take note of the changes you see and address the problem immediately.

Repair it

Do regular maintenance. Fix any problem you have found when checking your deck, prevention is definitely the best way to go.

Clean your deck

Always keep your deck clean. A clean deck is a beautiful deck! Sweep your deck regularly. Get rid of any leaves that have blown in as they can damage or stain the wood on your deck if they are left there.

Keep your deck sealed

Thoroughly clean your deck using a high pressure water cleaner, remove any dirt or buildup between the boards. Give your deck is clean, give it plenty of time to dry completely.

Protect your deck by applying deck sealer which come in water and oil based. With sealers it is important to use the same kind as before. It is almost impossible to switch from oil back to waterbase with completely stripping your deck back which is a lot of work. You can seal your deck to prevent it from drying out and cracking. The sealer also protects the surface from scratches and wear and tear.

To keep your deck functional and pretty, keep it simple, regular sweeping and bit of annual TLC. Follow these tips and you will keep your deck looking good through the years.

New deck, extending a deck, replacing your deck.

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