3 tips to find furniture for smaller spaces

HallTable1Designing a small space? It can be a real challenge on your part. It’s hard to use décor, especially furniture that can fit perfectly in a small space. Furniture can take up so much room! If you are not careful, you end up having an even smaller space because your furniture has already occupied what little space you had!

Get more creative!

Got smaller space? Don’t worry, nowadays, designing a small space becomes an art. There are a lot of ways you can incorporate furniture even in a smaller space. Here are effective tips on how to do it:

1. Go vertical

Tall pieces of furniture can work wonders. They occupy a small area but offer a lot of storage space. Choose vertical bookcases and shelving units. You get to have a decorative piece of furniture while creating more area.It’s a perfect place to position your books, mug collection and a few family photos.

2. Think light not heavy

Choose furniture with open space designs. For example, for chairs, uses pieces with legs instead of those that have heavy cross bars or sit directly on the floor. It can create a sense of lightness inside your home. Stay away from furniture that looks heavy – they can make your home appear smaller than its actual size.

dinner-table3. Choose a table with a glass top

Tables are a necessity in every home. If possible, choose a wooden table with a glass top. The glass allows light to travel which can create a look of spaciousness and a minimalist vibe.  Tables with fold down sides are perfect for small spaces too.

3 tips to find furniture for smaller spaces

Looking for the right pieces of furniture?

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