3 dangers for your hardwood floor at Christmas Time

christmas-treeYour hardwood flooring adds value and ambience to your home. You have made a considerable investment in your floors and they need to be protected to get their full life value. During the holidays, your floor will be exposed to heavier than normal traffic from visitors that come and go. It is during this season too that your hardwood floor is more prone to damage.

Here are some tips we’d like to share to you for you to be aware of:

1.  Christmas Trees

This is only applicable for real trees or plants that are being decorated to resemble a Christmas tree. Water is friendly to trees but not to your hardwood flooring. In fact, when water or spills are left sitting in one spot they can potentially damage your floor surface and over time will cause a great deal of damage.

Since trees do need every day watering to keep them alive and fresh, it is best to put it in an indoor plant container. If you don’t have an indoor plant container, you can place a plastic sheet underneath the tree and a mat under the plastic sheet. This ensures that if the tree doesn’t absorb all the water, the plastic will serve as a barrier and the mat is the final defense.

2.  Pets

Pet activity during the holiday season also goes with the flow of the excitement that everyone feels. They might urinate in the floor in their excitement or hide in a corner as to not miss out on the fun.  If this is left unnoticed and sits on hardwood floor to turn yellowish and can eat into the coating on your floor.

Their saliva can be a potential damage too. As they play and bite on whatever things they found attractive, it can’t be helped that they wet your floor with their saliva. Even if it is just a small area of your floor, it can still damage your floor’s surface. Wipe it up immediately.

3.  Partying visitors

Spilled drinks are common occurrences at many parties during the holiday season. Clean up all liquid spills immediately after they happen.

Place mats on entrances of your house, in the kitchen; where food is being prepared and in high-traffic areas of your home to ensure that spills can be wiped up instantly. Food spills are harder to discover especially at a party, they can stepped on and dragged all over your floor surface. While it is tempting to go to bed and clean the mess up in the morning for your floors sake it is really important to clean up and damp mopping followed by dry mopping immediately after the party. This ensures thorough cleaning of your hardwood floor and then it will last for years to come.

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We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!