How to find the right dining table for your home?

Dining TableWhen it comes to choosing your furniture, you want something exceptional that makes your home look and feel classy. For example, the dining table is the centrepiece in all homes, they provide the foundations for whatever look or feel you wish to create. When looking for the right dining table, what should you look for? Dining tables have very different designs that can vary from a simple design to an exquisite one.

Choosing a dining table

It is important to choose a dining table that suits your needs and a good first choice is a wooden dining table. Wood is simple and classy. You can’t go wrong with a wooden dining table because it acts as a base for your décor and if you change your mind about the décor in a couple years or months, a wooden dining table can be adapted to fit. Wooden furniture also leaves a lasting impression – it is not just classic and stylish but creates a unique feel inside your home. Remember, you will use your dining table daily – why settle for second best?

When shopping for a wooden dining table, here’s what you should keep in mind:


Your dining table should not just fit perfectly inside the room, but should also allow additional space. Measure the room or area you wish to place the table in and use those measurements as a guide when purchasing the table.

Single Slab Dining TableShape

The shape of your dining table also plays an important part. Practicality is priority, a hexagonal table may sound interesting but will your family be able to fit around it? When choosing, always think about what kind of feel you want to achieve. You can also go for a dining table with carved legs – they are beautiful and add a touch of old fashioned elegance to your space or something plainer depending on your taste. Wooden furniture comes in a huge range from plain and simple to ornate and elaborate.

Quality of wood

You need to choose materials that are durable and hardy. There are numerous hardwoods that look beautiful especially when polished. Choose your materials carefully and make sure it is good quality. See here to know it is solid wood or not.

How to find the right dining table for your home?

Wood dining tables promote a natural and classic feel in your home. Choose a dining table that is durable, stylish and gorgeous – something that is extraordinary. For all your wooden furniture needs, contact West Coast Timbers. We have a variety of wooden furniture that includes a range of different dining tables. We specialise in custom made furniture to meet your personal requirements. Ring us today for a free quote.