How to clean your furniture the easy way!

outdoor benchAre you planning to invite the family over this weekend? Or planning to invite a few friends for a casual meal? Eating outside under the patio is a great thing to do. You might need to get ready if it has been a little while since you used your furniture; the chairs you’re sitting on and the table you’re eating off will be nice, clean and free of cobwebs.

Cleaning your outdoor furniture

Before you start planning a get together, you might want to spruce up your outdoor wooden furniture such as your tables and chairs. You don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable or ruin their clothes. Cleaning your outdoor furniture can also improve their look.

Here’s how to keep your outdoor furniture beautiful and dirt free.

  • Start with water and mild dishwashing detergent. This mild mixture won’t scratch or bleach your furniture.
  • When cleaning, always test in a hidden area first so you can be sure that the solution you are using doesn’t stain or damage your wooden furniture.
  • Say no to a pressure cleaner. If you look at what a pressure cleaner can do to your deck, imagine what it can do to your furniture.
  • Keep them dry. When you’re done cleaning, remember to thoroughly dry your furniture before using it. Put them out in the sun as the sun is a natural and the quickest way to get your furniture dry.

What if your furniture looks old and weary? Just give it a light dusting off. The old rustic look is always in style and promotes a homely feeling. Dress it up with colourful cushions to give it a whole new look. Clean your furniture and take care of your pieces now so you can enjoy them for years to come.

How to clean your furniture the easy way!

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