How to clean your wooden furniture?

diningTable-e1385049759383Need to clean your wooden furniture but don’t know what to do? Follow these great cleaning tips to keep your furniture clean and looking fantastic.

  1. Dust frequently
  2. Avoid using strong detergents
  3. Use a damp cloth
  4. Apply wax
  5. Keep it away from hot surfaces

Dust frequently

Regularly dust your furniture to prevent build-up of dirt that can cause damage over time. Use a soft brush or feather duster to remove dust and dirt hiding on the wood.

Avoid using strong detergents

Never use harsh chemicals of any kind to clean stains on your furniture. Avoid using aerosol sprays or polish that contains Silicon as it can deteriorate the colour of your furniture. It is best to ask your reputable manufacturer what cleaner will best suit the wood.

Use damp cloth

Trying hard to remove the dirt? Using a damp cloth gently rub it on the dirty surface. Make sure to dry the area afterwards as a wet surface will leave it dull and mottled. Don’t use oiled or treated cloths on the finish as this can remove the hard top of the layer.

Apply wax

If your furniture has been waxed before, don’t forget to apply wax to your furniture once or twice a year as this can increase the durability of your furniture. Use a soft cloth and apply the wax in a circular motion following the direction of the grain. Waxing your furniture will help the wood resist cracking plus you won’t believe what you’ll see as it will look even better than when you first bought it.

If a small dent or crack appears in your furniture, you can use wax crayons gently rubbing it on the damaged area. Do this carefully; if the lacquer starts to peel or split you will have to completely sand it down.

Keep it away from hot surfaces

Always remember that your wooden furniture is a living piece so be careful where you place it. Keep it away from heat sources and exposure to direct sunlight. Too much heat will lessen the life span of your furniture making it look dull and faded overtime.

How to spring clean your wooden furniture?

Remember these tips to maintain your wooden furniture.

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